The Sound of Music: Sump Pump

sump pumpBeing from the city, I had not had a sump pump prior in my life.  When we moved out to the country a sump pump and septic system got introduced to my life.  The sump pump was a little irritating at first.  I could not figure out the “knock, knock, knock” I would hear from the basement at intervals. I would be sitting in my living room and there it would go– hum of the motor and “knock, knock, knock.”

With the septic I had to learn what products I could and could not use. That was such a blessing because that took me on the road to making my own cleaning products which I love doing and is another blog post!

Back to my sump pump.  Over the months I got used to the sound and started LOVING that sound.  When it rained I knew that little thing was at work to keep us dry.  I could go in the basement without fear of water down there.  The sump pump was gaining my respect.

A few months ago, we were out of town and the electricity went out and with that so did the sump pump.  When we came home the electricity was back on, but the sump pump was not.  An air bubble was caught up in it and it had failed to go back on.  AND guess what? We had water in the basement. YUCK!  Hubby got the pump going, we cleaned up and eventually the sump pump did its thing and dried us out.

Last night, Indiana was in the midst of the ice/snow storm.  A big fear was the power failing from the weight of the ice on the trees and wires.  We prepared by having flashlights out and candles.  We talked about if we had no power that would mean no heat, but we have lots of warm clothes, blankets, long underwear, etc so we would be ok.  We are stocked with food again after our grocery outing on Saturday.  We felt we were pretty good to go.

Except for one thing…the sump pump– oh, oh!  No mitigation for that going out! Of all things here, we are so dependent on that little guy running. And to think it irritated me when I moved in (so ashamed).  That was before I understood what an important role this thing plays in my every day comfort!

I found myself hoping against all hope and sending messages to the sump pump—–


The little guy kept going all night and was my sign as I laid in the dark that we had electricity and all was well.  That sound that used to interrupt me and irritate me has become such a comfort and last night was just the sound of music to my soul.

Happy Unleashing today! (stay warm and dry!)