Oh Christmas Tree!

DSC_1151One of our family traditions is going out to a tree farm and chopping down the perfect Christmas tree.  I know that some don’t care to do that and there is controversy over chopping vs. artificial, but for us chopping a fresh tree is the way to go.  It is our tradition and we have so much fun doing it. 🙂 Over the years we cherish lots of fun stories around these adventures!

This year was special because our oldest daughter and husband visited for Thanksgiving, so on Saturday morning after a breakfast of Pumpkin Pancakes made by hubby, we headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree.  They also wanted to find theirs and take it across the miles back home.

After a ride that ended through rolling hills and skinny roads, we arrived and were greeted by Santa of course!  DSC_1139

We looked at all the choices and all decided that Blue Spruce was the way to go.  They were so pretty in that blue hue, we had never had one before and we sought out the wagon that would take us to the area where the Blue Spruce were and waited.


Once we arrived the search began.  There were so many beautiful trees.  Luckily we had a tape measure because trees in the open always look so much smaller than reality.  I cannot tell you how many times I pick one out, only to find when it is measured that it is about 15 feet and will not work with 8 foot walls!  This year it is going in our new sunroom that has a peaked ceiling so a 10 – 11 foot tree will do, and I was very excited about getting the tallest tree ever for us!

Hubby and I found ours first so we began the sawing down process. We took turns and in a few minutes we had captured ours!



There is my handsome cowboy hubby with our new tree!



Next the “kids” found theirs!  They too took turns and began sawing.  I have to tell you that ground was cold and damp!DSC_1171

They dragged theirs up to the road and we waited for the ride back!


We loaded them up and back we went to the car.  (Where the real adventure began of getting them secure for our drive home and their very long drive home!)



What holiday traditions do you carry on?