Saturday Musings: Heading Home

Two weeks in Atlanta with the new grandbaby and my daughters.  It has been wonderful and not to be traded!  A little life came into the world perfectly and my daughter has transformed into a beautiful (obsessed) mommy; her first step towards a lifetime of “momminess.”  I have loved being here, loved holding that little bundle and will long for that when I go home.

arlo and me

But home is where I am heading this weekend and I am equally excited about that!  Now it is not a neat little package I am walking into!  A remodel is underway and the crew and my hubby have done a lot of work while I have been gone.

I can’t wait to see my new door.  A window was here previously but this gives us great access to the deck (which we live on practically!) and look at all the sunshine into the room! Jasmine still looks a bit confused by this new addition, but I am already in love with it.


From the outside I think it looks great and I can start to visualize the end result. We are coming along in our journey to get the house where we want it.  AND all the vinyl siding is off (yipee!) and the house is wrapped and ready for the new Hardiplank that is painted and waiting in the pole barn for action.

exterior deck


So, it is a bit chaotic and terribly dusty and things are torn up but it is HOME.  I look forward to all of the craziness that will welcome me home.

I also have day lillies that I have not seen yet…


And tomato plants (and weeds) that I haven’t seen in over two weeks…

tomato and weeds


I am plenty excited to head back to my country home. I love seeing my family and I have LOVED that little bundle of joy, but am ready for a sunrise on the deck.  I am ready to play in the dirt again and hop on my tractor instead of an interstate.

But for my last day as a “city girl” we are getting our nails done–soon to be replaced with a farmgirl manicure; I will eat a fantastic dinner and drink some great wine tonight–soon to be replace with veggies from the garden and CSA; I will chow down at Waffle House–soon to be replaced with green smoothies and I will probably run some errands that really aren’t needed–soon to be replaced with not leaving my home for days on end.

I will also hug my girls and kiss those precious cheeks on Arlo–soon to be replaced with longing for that as those things really can’t be replaced.

I am heading home to my country home that is in chaos.  As I click my red shoes (red Teva sandles actually) I repeat “there’s no place like home.” 🙂

Happy Unleashing today in your home sweet home!


Gardening Joys

tomato love When we moved to the country and got a bunch of land (almost 6 acres) from a sub division plot, we had (and still do have) lots of dreams.  Gardening was one of them.  Last year we dabbled with 2 square foot gardens that were each 4 x 4.  That got our hands dirty and I guess gave us courage to go bigger.

This year we broke ground on three 25×12 beds, one flower bed and two more beds are standing by for fall veggies that are started as seeds right now.  Our soil wasn’t conditioned, it is full of clay (although not as bad as Georgia clay) and where we wanted the flower bed was a junk pile that came with the house.  Lots of fun and lots of work are paying off.  It has not been without challenges; we are gardening organically so throwing miracle grow and round up on things is not an option.  We are learning about natural pest control, natural plant food and how to condition the soil—all of which will take time.  But it is exciting, we are eating what we are growing and we are going to continue on with a year around garden (yes even in Indiana) using plant blankets and covers.

This morning I was out in the gardens, spraying the squash plants with baking soda and water because they have powdery mildew.  My CSA coordinator says this is common in the Ohio Valley and the farmers deal with it too.  That made me feel like I was in good company, so I looked in Rodale and discovered the simple spray that will contain it and hopefully keep it from affecting the plants that don’t have it yet.

BUT JOYS and SUCCESSES!  There are many.  🙂 Here are some pictures I took this morning.  You will see a pollinator or two in my squash blossoms, my cucs, my tomato bed (that has peppers and basil too) and my squash bed (which also houses the sunflowers and green beans).

And my handsome hubby, (who is also a farmer in the making like me) on the tractor this morning scooping and moving compost.  We have started our own compost pile but this year are still relying on purchasing good compost.  We had a truck load to unload!


So dreams are coming true, more are in the making.  And speaking of dreams coming true… that tomato at the beginning of the article is going to grace an awesome BLT later today. And yes, it is from our garden.

What will you unleash today?