Perseid Showers and Feeling Blessed

Image result for perseid meteor shower 2016WOW! I am hoping that many of you saw the Perseid Shower last night. This is not my photo but we did have a great view of the sky last night.

I recall several years ago, while living in the city, driving with my girls for a couple hours so we could get out and see the show in the sky. It was such a thrill to  count them all together as we saw the meteors shoot across the sky.

This year I felt so blessed living in the county away from city lights. We had eaten a late dinner and it was about 10 PM. We made some tea – Midsummer Nights Dream (I love a good theme) and turned out every light in the house so nothing would reflect.

As we wondered outside we first noticed how bright the moon was. We thought we had left an outdoor light on but it was simply moonlight.

We grabbed a seat on the deck and immediately one shot across the sky. We both yelled “there was one!”. It was so incredible to see from our own home that I could have went to bed then and been satisfied.

We knew the peak was after 1 AM. We had no expectation of staying out that long but grabbed a seat, drank tea and stared at the sky. The Big Dipper was so low we felt we could almost touch it from the deck. The Milky Way was above us. Stars were EVERYWHERE.

One after another they streaked. We didn’t count and had no idea how many meteors we had seen. BUT we did know it was a magnificent show. After what seemed a short time, we stated we really should go to bed. We looked at the time and it as 12:58 AM! Oh my goodness! Had we really been watching this for 3 hours!? Me who cannot watch a movie without falling asleep had sat outside in the dark with calming tea and I was still awake?

Seeing that it was about 1 AM we decided to stay longer and continued to see the beauty above us. It was a night to remember! We are so blessed to live somewhere that allows us to experience this in the comfort of our own home (and jammies).

Did you see the Perseid? If not, tonight is another opportunity!

Happy Unleashing while star gazing!