Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #165

apronHappy Friday and welcome to the blog hop!  This has been my first full week home in a very long time and I have LOVED it!

We have been outside alot this week cleaning up neglected gardens.  You can read about my first clean up in my flower garden.  Have any of you ever gotten so far behind you thought you’d never “catch up” and then simply had lots of fun trying!?!


That brings me to my new mantra of I am not behind, I am just starting.  I adopted this last week when I came home and I started fretting over all the gardening stuff I had missed.  I opened up my Indiana book and saw there were still lots and lots of things I could do starting now, so my planting season kicked off this past weekend.

That is why I loved the blog last week from Back to Basics! She shared the 2014 Planting Guide by zone and I have lots and lots and lots of things I can still do!  So rather than focus on “what could have been”, I will look to “what is now and gonna be.”

I have tons of fun stuff going on with the gardens, bees and our remodel which is underway, but are we farmgirls ever “done”?  Do we want to be? We thrive on what’s happening next. I don’t think any of us can imagine being “done” and not having anything else to do!  We have too many interests and things we love.

Let’s come along and blog hop and share all that groovy stuff you are up to this week. Visit over at Deb of Dandelion House (our blog hop founder and hostess primo) and see what she’s been up to.  She has been finding all kinds of bargains lately that are adorable!!!!

So, do a little bragging on yourself, your homestead and your doin’s!  We are so excited you are here.

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 Farmgirl is a Condition of the Heart~ MaryJaneButters

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #139

apron Happy New Year and welcome to the FIRST blog hop of 2014. I hope your holidays were filled with family, laughter and hugs!  We spent time with family, spent time at the beach (we are still there) and spent time reflecting on 2013 and making some goals for 2014.  More on that in next week’s blog.

I am very excited about 2014 and the many ways that I can continue to unleash my inner farmgirl! How about you?  What will you be cooking, growing, painting, sewing, crafting and raising in 2014? This is the place to share that and more.

So, let’s get the new year started.  If you are new to the blog hop we welcome you!  If you are already a dear friend welcome back! Your hostesses are all anxiously waiting to hear from you so hop over to their blogs and say “Happy New Year!”

Deb of Dandelion House (our blog hop founder and hostess primo)

Heidi of My Simple Country Living  

And the rules…. simple, but here they are:

1.) Write a post about your farmgirl lifestyle and brag a little about your farmgirl talents while your at it! Share what being a farmgirl means to you. Include lots of photos of your farm, crafts, animals,  quilts, home decor projects and thrifty make overs, your backyard garden, chicken coop, recipes, studio or workshop. You get the idea!
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Eating Seasonally- Between Seasons

Tomato PieEating seasonally is not a new concept; at one time in our history (probably your grandma’s) that is what folks did.  The ability to bring food in from South America or other far away places did not exist so you ate what was in your garden, your neighbors garden or things you could pick up on your Sunday visit to the farmer’s  market.  I remember driving to the markets on Sundays with my parents.  It was so awesome and the day usually ended with ice cream which made it even better! (I am digressing!)

Over the years, I will totally admit that I have gotten used to eating whatever I want, whenever I want it.  There are no lack of stores to accommodate and no lack of recipes to be had! So, weekly I have done my menus and shopped for whatever I needed.

The last year however I have tried to merge our eating into eating seasonally.  Between gardening and the CSA and farmers markets I can get plenty of in season food. Currently we are eating a lot of potatoes, cabbage, greens, squash and green beans.  I have found lots of uses for these foods and have enjoyed the fact that they are just picked and then on my table.  I love how these foods represent the fall and just simply feel like fall!

BUT, we are also in between seasons in southern Indiana and I still have tomatoes coming in (happily).  I used to think I was not a tomato fan– they were OK on some things, but I wasn’t really into them.  HOWEVER, that has changed since growing our own and having 6 different kinds to choose from.  They are FANTASTIC and that is an understatement.  I have canned many, used many and they are still presenting themselves on our very gangling tomato vines at this point.

This tomato pie just looked fantastic when I located on ChewNibbleNosh the other day.  The pictures on the site and the recipe just looked too good to pass up.  So, with summer gardens winding down, I decided to pick what was left and made this flaky, gooshy, creamy, tomatoey, yumminess!  (I know there are lots of made up words there…).

Don’t let the picture fool you.  This is NOT pizza.  The crust is a biscuit type crust that you fold over the tomatoes at the edge and the cheesy yummy stuff is a mixture of cheese, herbs and mayo.  Yes, it is heaven.  I followed the recipe to a tee except for the cheese.  I did not have what was called for so I used a mixture of fresh mozzarella that I shredded and Jarlsberg that I shredded as well.  The oregano and basil were fresh from our garden as well since the herbs are still hanging out too.

After baking we let it sit for about 20 minutes and it came out perfect.

Tomato Pie Slice


If you have tomatoes in your end of summer garden, try this.  If you don’t, I would recommend that you wait until next year when you pick your first ones.  Either way, it is worth it and worth the wait if you have to!

How are you eating seasonally now?  In between seasons or totally into fall?

Happy unleashing today!