Pole Barn!

A few years ago, I didn’t even know what a pole barn was let alone want one.  But living rural and having a lot of stuff for our land that is piling up has me so excited about starting on our pole barn project this week.!

Our patio under the deck has become resting ground for our tractor and its implements.  Our basement has stuff strewed all over it that is associated with outdoors, but does not really have a home—birdseed, yard and garden tools, buckets, pots, shoes and boots, etc.  Our garage has more stuff in a cabinet that I use when working outside.  Problem is we have all the stuff we need, but we look for it every time we need it since it could be in one of three places.

Solution—pole barn. We are working with a great Amish group on this project.  Levi has been so patient as we change our mind and ask what are probably silly questions at times.  But we have finally settled on something (except for a few minor tweaks) and tomorrow is the day that our site will be prepped for our pole barn!

To help you understand my excitement, I can only say that our downstairs air conditioner has been out for a couple of months.   Even with temperatures peaking 90’s, I still prefer to have my pole barn more than my AC.

Here is the layout on our land.  If you look close you will see our pink outline.  I will post more pictures over the next few days as trucks make their way in to start!


Pole Barn layout- look for the pink lines!