Primitive Snowmen: DIY

DSCN3784Do you have a favorite holiday decoration? Do you have a collection of something in particular? I have a few collections that fill my holidays with smiles and giggles. One of those are my snowmen. I cannot resist them! Each year we adopt some more of them. Many are on the same cabinet in our living room and then others mischievously show up in other locations. In a future post I will give you a tour of them.

But this weekend, with the snow falling, music playing and me in the craft room I created a couple of new snowmen. I call them “Primitive Snowmen” as they are made of burlap and buttons rather than stuff that is soft and fluffy.

They are easy; here’s what I did.

I used a Styrofoam cone; mine were 6 inches tall.  I wrapped burlap around them and then trimmed up the bottom excess so they would be flush and stand unassisted.


For their “hair” I decided they needed to have totally different looks.  I mean what snowman wants to look just like the next guy?

I decided pigtails would be really cute so I pulled out some strands in the burlap until I had some “hair”.  Then I divided it up and put little bows on.

DSCN3782 DSCN3781






I added some buttons and ribbon for a scarf.  What do you think?


It was then time for snowman #2…  I used spanish moss and glittery stars in her hair.  I pinned the stars in with decorative straight pins and hot glued her “hair” in place.  I added buttons and a little scarf held together with a mini clothespin to her.








I went out in the snow to get some twigs.  They were ice covered and I had to melt and dry them before I could use them.  I poked little holes in the side of the cone form with a chopstick, then hot glued their little arms in.

It was time for them to meet!



Last night I added them to the snowmen shelves.  They are happily getting acquainted with the gang. I think they fit it, don’t you?



Happy Unleashing your creative decorating side!