Rite of Passage-Pole Barn COMPLETE!

DSCN3449 Yes, the pole barn is complete; by that I mean no more construction crews out here.  Our work is now beginning.  Cleaning up the basement, garage, porch, deck, etc now is on us!

The fascination that I experienced in seeing this thing go up is beyond words.  The crew was excellent!  Our building inspector said “they could teach us all how to build right!”.  We loved them so much we have engaged them for another project here.

Here are some pictures of the  construction of the walls, setting of windows and doors and getting it to the place where concrete could come in.

Then came the concrete.  The precision with which they poured and spread was amazing!  BUT more amazing was that they did not get it all over themselves. I get dirty just looking at stuff! I know that I could not work with concrete—I would end up a statue no doubt! One of the women had white shorts on and she was a clean going as she was coming.  I just don’t get that!

My favorite part was adding the cupola.  Since one of my many dreams is having chickens, we selected (I selected, ok) a rooster for the weather vane.  He is my inspiration and my first chicken.  His name is Gus. 🙂

Then it was our turn.  The project was done at 7pm Friday night.  We took a candle and a bottle of bubbly (and the dog of course) and celebrated the official Rite of Passage completion!


The weekend brought excitement as we began moving in.  Our garage thanks us; our basement thanks us; our porch thanks us!

A couple new hummingbird feeders have found a home on the lean to and Jasmine is happy to have yet another place to lay around on.

DSCN3469 DSCN3473

Can I get a YIPEE! from anyone?  I am so excited, I love it so much.  For a girl who didn’t even know what a pole barn was a year ago, this has really helped in unleashing my inner farmgirl!

Thanks for reading and following this journey.

I am Seeing Red (in a good way)

DSCN3349 The pole barn continues to be built and the red roof is an absolute love of mine.  There was no doubt in my mind when Levi asked me “what color should the roof be?”.  RED! RED! RED!  I love red and anyone who knows me knows that I love red.  Heck, I even love the 49ers and the Buckeyes and the Reds—see a common thread here?

I love the metal roof and cannot wait to stand under it in the rain.  I was hoping for some at the end of the day as it was thundering, but it just did not break loose, but that is definitely in my future!

Again, I just loved watching them work with such skill and collaboration.  It is just amazing to see.  Lots of red in the pictures all day—

Then when I thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, my “lean to” started to get constructed.  I claimed the lean to a while back for potting and gardening tasks.  Hubby is making me a nice gardening shelf to play on.  So the lean to is “my space” although I will be more than happy to share with hubby.

On the top then they placed the cupola brace. 🙂


and at the end of the day we were looking at this:


And just like any proud momma would do, I will tell you that it is the best ever and there has never been a better one than this one.

Happy Unleashing today!

Rite of Passage—Pole Barn Episode 2

Oh such excitement!  Today it begins.  Construction on the pole barn that is.  While in the kitchen this morning, I heard the rumble of trucks pulling up our gravel driveway.  We looked out and the crew was arriving, all the wood and poles for the barn was arriving, the bobcat was arriving; so with the sun rising in the background it began…the birth of our 1st pole barn (yes I plan to have others).

The crew is a mix of Amish and “English” as they call folks like me. This is not their first rodeo and they all immediately took their places to begin the rising of my pole barn. 

First came the setting up and unloading of all the STUFF!  Isn’t it beautiful?

Next came the digging of holes and setting the poles; hence the name “pole barn.”

As I watched in awe all day I was amazed at the craftsmanship.  No air tools—every single nail was hammered.  They rode up on the tresses hanging by a chain on the end of a bobcat and then hand set and nailed them in place.  The skill and balance they demonstrate in building is amazing.

When our building inspector talked to us and found out who was building our barn he told us there would be NO problem as this team could “teach us all how to  build a building.”

At the end of Day 1 we had the structure up and we enjoyed walking “inside” of it tonight.

The most heartwarming picture of the day however was when one of the lead crew members reached his hands across my scarecrows to protect them from the unloading of the materials.  I was glad I caught that moment as he stood in front of them as if they were his own children.  How great is that????


Can’t wait for Day 2!

Rite of Passage—Pole Barn!

This morning I had a blog topic ready in my head and I had just sat down to blog when this happened:

trailer with trusses

Have I told you recently how excited I am to get our pole barn? OK… so yes I have, but REALLY I am!  When I think about a space for our tractor, seedlings, pots, trailer, rakes, hoes, and on and on I get so thrilled.

A couple of years ago I would have never, ever thought of this.  I mean in a subdivision you don’t exactly build a 30×44 structure for outdoor equipment.  But when you get 5+ acres and you have some dreams (both big and small) you got to have a place to store stuff and work in to make all these dreams come true.

So I left my computer and my blog idea and snapped some shots for memories sake:

So they are now ours and waiting for other pieces parts and the construction crew from a nearby Amish village.  They are truly just the nicest people to have been dealing with!

The best shot of the day though is what will don the cupola:


This represents one of my big dreams here—chickens and hens and eggs oh my!  So this will keep that vision in front of me while we continue talking forwards steps in fulfilling our dreams.

Next week…. probably more pole barn shots. 🙂  It is after all a right of passage for me in unleashing my inner farmgirl!

Site Prep for Pole Barn!

Our site prep for our Pole Barn has begun.  Can I tell you how E.X.C.I.T.E.D I am?  Take a look at the first shots.  Harold is our new best friend :-).  Boy can he Bobcat!

Fast forward….

So our internet connection was cut during the site prep so I did not post this earlier today with a follow up later.  Instead, all at once.

Note the pictures of Mike fixing the sliced phone/internet cable.

Note how great it looks at the end of the day!

Tomorrow, we get a date on the install.  Probably 2-3 weeks; wondering if I can pay extra and get someone else booted down? I really want my pole barn and I want it now.  But now I have a visual for it, we are started and I am excited!!!!

Pole Barn!

A few years ago, I didn’t even know what a pole barn was let alone want one.  But living rural and having a lot of stuff for our land that is piling up has me so excited about starting on our pole barn project this week.!

Our patio under the deck has become resting ground for our tractor and its implements.  Our basement has stuff strewed all over it that is associated with outdoors, but does not really have a home—birdseed, yard and garden tools, buckets, pots, shoes and boots, etc.  Our garage has more stuff in a cabinet that I use when working outside.  Problem is we have all the stuff we need, but we look for it every time we need it since it could be in one of three places.

Solution—pole barn. We are working with a great Amish group on this project.  Levi has been so patient as we change our mind and ask what are probably silly questions at times.  But we have finally settled on something (except for a few minor tweaks) and tomorrow is the day that our site will be prepped for our pole barn!

To help you understand my excitement, I can only say that our downstairs air conditioner has been out for a couple of months.   Even with temperatures peaking 90’s, I still prefer to have my pole barn more than my AC.

Here is the layout on our land.  If you look close you will see our pink outline.  I will post more pictures over the next few days as trucks make their way in to start!


Pole Barn layout- look for the pink lines!