Life Happens

It has been so long since I have sat to blog. But as they say “Life Happens.”

March, April and May brought a variety of things that life brings– family connections, travel, laughter, death, illness, sadness, joy, upheaval, and well just a feeling for many weeks that things were out of my control.

I guess deep down I know things are out of my control. I know there is a higher power, that I choose to call God, that is in control of my life. I also know I have choices and so do others. And sometimes choices and simply life brings a feeling of being out of control.

I am back home now after several weeks of coming and going. The peace here at home is welcome and refreshing. I also acknowledge that doesn’t make everything simply “go away.”

But it does mean I am trying to get back on schedule, look forward and regain some control on those things that are within it.

With that being said, I am happy to be back blogging. I have some yummy food blogs to share, a little day trip to share, a special gift that I received to share, and of course my green babies and gardening happenings!

So hang with me as I get back into it. I have missed you and we will chat again soon.

Until then smell the flowers along the way.

Sunflowers in South Georgia







Happy Unleashing life today!


Saturday Musings: Then Vs. Now

Squash BlossomThis morning as I woke into darkness as the days are getting noticeably shorter and began planning my day, I realized how much my life as changed in the last year. Here are a few of those ways and thoughts that come to mind this morning. They are in the company of many, many other things but these are on the mind right now.

In the city, Saturday always meant running and errands and go, go, go. This morning as I am at home watching the sunrise, looking at birds on the feeders and getting ready to go to the garden I think about how much more peaceful I am.  I don’t feel like I am running a race even though I have things to do and upcoming things that are on my mind and schedule.

The sunrises and sunsets are not only beautiful but NOTICED!  I think sunrise and sunset pictures were set aside for vacations and time in the mountains or at the beach.  Rarely did we have a view of them from our subdivision house. Sometimes we would be gifted and get a good view but in my life now it is a daily thing.  Each morning I see the sun come up and in the evening I see it go down.  Watching the days start and stop in such perfect cadence brings a peace and solidity to your being.  That sounds really philosophical, but gosh it is just darn good to see rhythm and predictability!

As I unloaded the dishes this morning, cleaned sinks, mirrors and toilets and started laundry I realized that all my products are non toxic and made by me!  Healthier for us and our wallet.

What I do in the yard is for me now, not to avoid a letter from the ACC or a look from the neighbors.  Folks are much more laid back and really mind their own business and their own yard and chores.  No one cares if I have weeds or if I don’t.  When my flowers are blooming and beautiful you cannot even see them from the road.  They give me tremendous pleasure but it is not because I think I am pleasing others, just me!

Gardening is therapeutic and I love getting dirty!  My garden brings me such joy.  Seeing stuff grow from seed is amazing and then eating the fruits of our labor (literally).   My grocery list has shrunk, we are eating in season and organically.  I have challenges out in our garden–pests, diseases and soil that needs years of work and conditioning.  BUT there are no failures only learnings.  When I bite into a tomato or squash or cucumber or bean that I have grown it far surpasses the crabgrass challenge that I have not overcome this year! 🙂

Our dog is really adapted to being a farm dog.  She loves wandering with us, drinking from the pond and chasing the bunnies and barking at the hawks over head.  She is happy and you sense she feels she has purpose here.

Nighttime brings sounds from bullfrogs, crickets and sometimes a coyote howling rather than squealing tires at a 3 way stop a door down.  Going to bed with sounds from nature and knowing there are millions of stars gazing down at me is such a happy feeling as I close my eyes.  Learning what stars, planets and constellations I am peering at is something I never even considered before.

Dreams and visions have changed.  I now plan for what seeds are next to plant, how will I grow things year around, what garden plot is next, where will my chickens go and what kind of coop will we build, what corner is best for the bees we will be getting and what tractor implement is next.

Malls, traffic jams, piles of shoes and drycleaning are becoming memories of the past; none of which I regret.  I just really love my life now.  I love unleashing my inner farmgirl and as the tagline says “she is changing my life, for the better!”

Happy unleashing this weekend!