Freezer Jam!

There is nothing so yummy and decedent as freshly made jam.  This recipe is so easy you can have strawberry jam in no time; freeze the extras – if it survives that long.

If you have never made jam and think that it is too hard, think again!  Easy and yummy…what could be better.

Here we go:

Start with fresh strawberries–make sure you know your source.  You want organic or those that come from a farm you trust (or your own garden that you have kept free from pesticides).  Remember these are on the list of “The Dirty Dozen” which means these little guys absorb whatever is put on them.

Rinse them well and cut them up:


Fresh Strawberries   Rinse  Cut


Then smash them up with a potato masher or something similar.  You still want it chunky.  Then measure out 1 2/3 c of strawberries, add one package of powdered fruit pectin and 2/3 c of sugar.  You can also look up other recipes on the web, but they are all pretty similar.

Alton Brown adds a dash of pepper.  YES! Pepper!  Add about 1/8 tsp.  Trust me on this one!

Sugar and Pectin  Pepper

Then stir for 3 minutes with a wooden spoon.

Now you are ready for the jars; make sure they are clean jars made for canning/freezing.  For this I like the small Ball Freezer containers.  Funnel in your jam to the fill line on the container.  This recipe will fill 2.

Fill  Rest

Let the jars sit for 30 minutes.  Then add the lid.  You can make more jam in the  30 minutes if you are hooked at this point.  I did!

Finished Strawberry Jam

You are now ready to freeze, fridge or EAT!  I choose the latter on fresh baked, whole wheat bread that my hubby baked.



Recipe amounts for 2 jars:

1 2/3 C Crushed Strawberries

2/3 C Sugar

1 package of Powdered Fruit Pectin

1/8 tsp Pepper

Try it and let me know what you think!  It is fun and easy and there is nothing like eating jam that you have just made or taking some out of the freezer in the winter when strawberry season is far away.

Unleash your inner farmgirl today!