Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #242

Happy Friday & Welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!

It has been a busy and fun week. We started with a three day weekend in Cincinnati celebrating my hubby’s birthday AND simply relaxing. After our kitchen project we took some downtime. Even though we were traveling we spent a lot of time sleeping, playing Yahtzee and watching basketball– some of the things we haven’t done much of lately! It was so much fun.

Midweek we had church activities and this is my first full week back to work full-time in a few months. So it has been a good week but it has flown! How about you?

We had some fun blog entries last week. A new one that I noticed and loved was Farm Life in the Italian Mountains. She is living my dream life! Wonderful blog and pictures also.

potato plants

Take a little time today and visit Italy with Chandra. Thanks Chandra for posting!

So you may not be in Italy this week but you are probably doing something interesting in your world! Take a few moments and share what you are up to.

This is a blog hop so join in and have a great Friday!