Farmgirl Friday Christmas Blog Hop #138

DSCN3810Hello Farmgirl Sisters and welcome to a little break from the holiday to do lists! If you are like me you still have a gift or two to get, some baking to do, wrapping and bows that need your attention and some meal planning to do for the variety of loved ones you will be seeing over the next week.

We just got our tree up.  You can see from the picture above that our room for our tree is not done yet, but we don’t much care- we love it just the same!  We are lighting it up and making it festive! I will share some pictures when we are done.

I still have some stocking stuffers to make and last week’s hop gave me some more ideas for that! One of the things on my list is the Orange Peel Sugar Scrub from Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth.  I will collect some more ideas today and get on those this weekend!

Before we hop, just let me tell each of you Merry Christmas and my hope to you for a wonderful 2014.  You have been such an important part of my week in 2013 and I am looking forward to sharing more farmgirl antics in 2014!

So, I am ready to hop! How about you?  Share your best holiday tips and read some new ones.


Your hostesses are….

Deb of Dandelion House (our blog hop founder and hostess primo)

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And the rules…. simple, but here they are:
1.) Write a post about your farmgirl lifestyle and brag a little about your farmgirl talents while your at it! Share what being a farmgirl means to you. Include lots of photos of your farm, crafts, animals,  quilts, home decor projects and thrifty make overs, your backyard garden, chicken coop, recipes, studio or workshop. You get the idea!
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See you on the hop!

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Thursday Musings: Nesting this Week

DSCN3557I am in a total nest mode right now.  Cleaning up, putting things in order, not starting anything new.

Perhaps I am getting ready for the holiday season and all that comes with it.  I love to cook, bake, make gifts, have family in and decorate for the holidays.  But I am not quite there yet.  I have been perusing magazines and the web for menus. Pinterest and fabric stores for craft ideas. I am just not ready to move into action yet.  Ever happen to you?

This happens to me at change of season and maybe the time change this weekend kicked me into really believing autumn is here.  Some folks dislike loosing an hour in the spring.  I actually love that because it means lots and lots of daylight in the evening.  I would trade the extra hour of sleep I get last weekend for the extra light at the end of the day.  All week I have felt a bit off in the evening.  I just want my jammies on and a glass of wine or tea by 6:30 p.m. 🙂 I want to curl up and read and snuggle.

I really welcome this though.  I am a really busy, active person.  I have difficulty sitting still and I am always discovering new things to do and try.  To have a little downtime right before I know I will kick it up in full swing is needed and welcome. I am enjoying looking at the leaves fall from the trees, the clouds rolling in and out, the temps that make you want a sweater one moment and a t-shirt the next.  Things are quiet and active at the same time.

It makes me think of what I really enjoy doing.  Playing in my garden and picking food for dinner is so rewarding and we are still doing that thankfully.  I love being a wife and momma.  My daughter (27 years) visited this weekend and I loved making her breakfast, taking her shopping, covering her with a blanket, etc.  I love sewing and my crafts.  I love cleaning and emptying the dishwasher and doing all the laundry. I think I love things that are quiet and active all at the same time too.

It doesn’t mean that loud and screaming fun is not great!  But for this week, reflecting, musing, being a little quiet and nesting is where it is at for me.  How are you doing this week?

Happy Unleashing…in a quiet sort of way this week. 🙂