Green Pasta

We all have a favorite foods- those that we consider comfort foods. There is no doubt mine is pasta. When I work late or have an otherwise super busy day my go to meal is veggies and pasta. Last night was one of those nights.pasta and veggies

There is no “real” recipe here. For a day that is busy, something I can do without thinking and just be a little creative with is the ticket!

This pasta started with several cloves of garlic in olive oil, then I layered some flavor on top of that with a sliced leek and some green peppers that I had frozen from our garden. Next came chopped up kale and some extra mushrooms I had hanging out in the fridge from a dish earlier this week. Seeking out more green I grabbed a couple handfuls of spinach. When the pasta was done, it was drained and dumped in the skillet.  Seasoned with a bit of Italian Seasoning and a bunch of freshly ground black pepper was all that was needed. Feta cheese finished it off.

Of course no pasta dish is complete without a glass of red wine. After dinner some tea and the evening was complete.

What is your go to? You know, the dish you just throw together when your planned one just isn’t going to happen.

I hope I inspired you to just open the fridge and throw something together! Adding pasta is a big plus!

Happy Unleashing from your fridge!