Brunch and a Movie(s)

finish it upDo you remember Dinner and a Movie on TBS?  I loved how they would cook a meal that went along with whatever feature they were watching.  I would watch and feel like they were really in their kitchen cooking and eating and watching the flick.  I may be like many of you in that I hardly ever sit down and watch a show or a movie.

This weekend our county had travel advisories all weekend and they went from “red”- don’t go out or risk a citation to “orange”- please don’t go out unless it is an emergency.  The rule follower that I am was not going to allow me to go out and about.  I cleaned and did stuff around the house on Saturday which I totally loved.  I am a nester at heart.  Sunday brought a lazier side to things and we decided to have a pajama, movie, brunch, do nothing but sit around day. 🙂

Our movie selections may not impress.  We watch for entertainment, we don’t care about the age or popularity of the movie or even if it is appropriate for our age group.  We watched “Topper” (an old Carey Grant movie) and “Ice Age: The Meltdown” (really love those movies). By then we were then really hungry, so we paused and made a fabulous early afternoon brunch of Huevos Rancheros.

I had soaked black beans on Saturday and then popped them in the crockpot on Saturday night so they would be ready on Sunday.  I drained and rinsed them while I sautéed some onion and two anchos in the skillet.  We grew anchos/poblanos last summer and I charred and froze most of them.  We now have these yummy peppers whenever we want.  I grabbed two, ran them under some water to peel and diced them.  They are so good!  Season as you like.  We like things spicy so cayenne, cumin and chili powder are a must!


While the beans simmered, we got onto making the tortillasI have shared how simple this.  If you have never made them I encourage you to try.  They are easy and cheap and yummy!

While the tortillas did their thing in the skillet we made a couple of eggs over easy.  You can make the eggs anyway you like them.  When it is all done, the fun begins!  Stack a couple tortillas on your plate and top with beans and an egg.


It looks so lonely like that so toppings are a must at our house!


We had field greens, sharp cheddar, two salsas I had made this summer and sour cream. That is looking better!

finish it up

When our plates we complete we were ready for movie time (again)! And yes, if you have been paying attention to the pictures, that is bubbly in the glass.  What is Sunday brunch without a bit of bubbly?  Our was from a local winery, Huber’s Orchard and Winery, that we really love to visit.

two plates

Movies for the remainder of the day were Ironman 2 (yes I said 2).  We recorded this in Jan 2013 and here we were a year later finally watching it.  We will probably watch Ironman 3 in 2015 sometime! To finish our brunch and movie day off we watch Goldfinger.  We love James Bond, especially the Sean Connery flicks.  I have never watched four movies in a month (even a quarter) so yesterday was quite special.  We had a blast.

For a “doer” like me it is hard to stop and just do nothing.  BUT the world still turned and functioned without me yesterday and I feel great for doing it.

How about you?  Do you ever just stop and have a “just for fun day?”  I don’t mean like you have fun doing what you do fun day.  I have a lot of those.  I mean, do nothing, check nothing off a list, just for fun day with no real purpose except fun and relaxation?

If you have not had one of those days in a while, stop and just do it!  It was truly so much fun and refreshing.

Happy Unleashing (doing nothing for a change),




Work That Feels Like PLAY!

I have become so aware lately of the perception of work and play.  Although the perception is not my understanding.  I will be in the garden and a conversation with a neighbor that has dropped by will go like this:

“You out here working again?”

“Nope, enjoying my garden and me time.”

“Yeah, but it is still work.”

“No really it’s not, I am having fun.”

“Sure, but you need to not be working all the time.”

“I’m not, this is my time off.”

Or I will be talking to my mom on the phone telling her what I have been up to with the summer and fall garden with canning and freezing, and she almost feels bad for me. She says “wow you poor kids are working so hard.”  And I think “I guess, but it didn’t feel that way….”

I think sometimes that the lines blur (at least for me) between work and play.  There are so many interests that I have and when I get to dabble in one of those or spend some time in one of those areas, it really does not feel like work.  If I am sewing gifts, someone might say “oh that’s so much work” and I think “oh my gosh, I am in my craft room, are you kidding me?”

My perception of play has never been to do nothing or to sit and just watch TV or something.  When I get to choose at the moment what I am doing, that is play, that is me time, that is enjoyment time.  This weekend I spent 2 days in the garden. Sure there was “work” to be done, but when my hubby asked me last week “what do you want to do this weekend?” I said, “I want to be selfish with my time and just spend the entire weekend in my garden playing in the dirt.”

And I did.  And each day, he came out at sunset to a smiling, relaxed, very dirty wife that felt like she was on vacation. She felt a little guilty even about all the fun she was having, so to ease her guilt she admitted she “had been working so hard” but inside she felt she had had the best vacation weekend ever! And when she watered her newly planted seeds and seedlings at sunset, with the cool, cool breeze, she smiled as she felt she had been coy—making play seem like work, now that is a win/win. 😉

What do you do for play that others think is work?

Happy Unleashing!