I have bought edamame frozen and at a restaurant before so I thought I knew its characteristics very well. But this week, when we got a surprise of edamame in our CSA bag, I was excited and then surprised when I saw it and read the blurb our coordinator emailed us. 

It was still on its stems which were really stiff and the pods were really FUZZY! They are actually baby soybeans so I guess it is like baby fuzz that my girls had when they were born. ūüôā

stem stems

Then I read in the email that you must boil these before you eat them.  In raw form they can be toxic to both people and animals.  Boiling for 5 minutes takes care of that.

So I snipped them off, rinsed them, boiled them for 5 minutes and then lightly salted them. 

Afterwards it was so fun to pop them out and eat them.  I must say they were FAR better than any frozen ones I have purchased or any that I have ordered in a restaurant before.  They were oh so good! 

I love trying new veggies from the CSA and even though edamame was not totally new to me, the experience was!

Try anything new lately?

Season’s Bounty is Coming In!

Today was the first pick-up for the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  I blogged a little bit on this on April 2 for those of you that are not familiar with a CSA.

I was SOOOOO excited when I got my email from the Madison Area Growers that shares were ready to be picked up today.  Now, I have a couuter full of yummy, fresh picked food that is screaming at me to make something fresh and fantastic for dinner.   I had a bag full of spring lettuce, romaine, kale, chard, asparagus, mint, green garlic, collards & radishes.

Take a look:

DSCN2965  DSCN2969 DSCN2966 DSCN2972

So if you were me, what would you do first?¬† Asparagus on the grill with garlic?¬† Kale salad rubbed with lemon and olive oil? Grilled Romaine? Radishes and hummus?(I made hummus today)…..

I would much rather have these choices than shoe choices any day of the week!

Happy Spring!

Spring is “Springing!”

I love spring Рthe flowers, greener grass, sunshine, longer days, and well I could go on and on.  BUT one of the most exciting signs of the beginning of springtime, is my email from my CSA saying signups have begun!

What is CSA?¬† CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.¬† A person, like myself, pays at the beginning of the year for a “share” of one or more farmer’s produce during the season.¬† The farmer’s are local and almost always organic.¬† Since they are smaller farming entities,¬†you also get items that you may not see in the store like Watermelon Radishes or multi colored carrots.

Why do I love it?

  • Every week I know that I get an overflowing bag full of veggies and fruits that were just picked; I mean they still have dirt on them when I pick them up!¬†THEY TASTE FANTASTIC!
  • As a member of a CSA I feel like I am participating in my farming community.¬† We just moved out to the country, so my garden is small.¬† Although I have dreams of farming at least 3 or 4 of my acres, I can support and enjoy others efforts in the meantime.¬† My share along with others help the local farmers support their farm.¬† AND we all share in the plenty or help shoulder the burden of a tough year.
  • The produce is local; that is important not only for taste but for health.¬† Eating local helps you stay healthier by keeping your body in sync with what is the freshest and also in snyc with¬†the nutrients that your body needs for your area.¬† Did you know there are studies that support the¬†theory that eating local honey for example helps your body tolerate the pollen that is local to your area, hence decreasing allergy symptons over time?¬† Pretty awesome!
  • You are a part of a like minded community.¬† When I am picking up my share weekly, I know that others are there for similar reasons to mine.¬† It is awesome to be a member of others that have the same passion for fresh, local food.
  • It is economical.¬† I save money during the CSA season as I am not shopping in speciality organic grocerty stores that have some high tickets associated with them.

Please consider trying this out this spring/summer/fall.  To find them in your area go to Local Harvest.  Each CSA operates a little differently so be sure to read the details to make sure that it is for you.

I am certain that you will love picking up your stash each week and smelling dirt, greens, fruit and herbs on the way home.  You will probably sing louder with the radio on that trip!