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FGU_illo_headHi!  I am glad you are here.  Whether you are a certified farmgirl or someone like me who is discovering her inner farmgirl (or somewhere in between) I am happy you are visiting.  I hope that you add comments to my blog, share resources with me and simply share your life and experiences here.

What you may or may not need or want to know….

  • I am at heart a domestic. Cooking, sewing, gardening, nesting—I love it all.
  • I am an entrepreneur.  I have two businesses and seem to always be swirling ideas in my head about another.
  • I am corporate.  I work extensively consulting on “geeky” projects for big companies.
  • I am a creative. I love to create things whether in my kitchen or craft room.
  • I am a list/rule follower. I love to read directions and follow the rules.
  • I am a homebody. I love being at home and piddling around here in big or small projects.
  • I am social. I love to laugh, have fun and even be the very center of attention at times.
  • I am a wife, mom and daughter.

You can see that I have many conflicting and opposing parts of “me.” But I think most of us do.  I try to tap into what I need in given moments.  Most of all though I am a lover of anything hearth and home.

We recently moved from the “big city” to the country.  We left an upscale subdivision with beautiful homes, everything within reach of our location and busyness.  We now have 6 acres, quiet, beauty and wonderfulness!

I am unleashing my inner farmgirl here and am finding that I am totally in love with her and what she is bringing to my life. Please visit often and share your stories with me as I will share mine with you.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I adore your about me page! And I totally get ” the farmgirl unleased” feeling!
    It is so freeing isn’t it? Love your blog too.. Your theme is darling! Looking forward to reading more!
    Happy farmgirlin’! Deb

    • Thanks so much for visiting! I am having lots of fun while learning. Look forward to reading more on your blog and on MJ farm.

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