A Little Spring in Winter

Garden Books

It has been an unpredictable ride so far this winter with weather. One morning we took our dogs out at 7 am and it was 47 degrees; the next morning- same time, same place, it was windchill of 9 degrees! I don’t know if I should be in a t-shirt or bundled up in multiple sweaters. How about you?

I know some of you have consistently colder or warmer temperatures than I do currently. But no matter where you are, those of us who have visions of gardening in upcoming months, are busily leafing through seed catalogs and gardening books. To look and dream while turning the pages encourages the mind and heart to believe that spring will arrive in the future! I love January and looking at my garden plan and adjusting based on what worked last year, what needs to be tweaked and maybe planning something new to plant this year.

My plan is simple and uses excel. I track everything from seed inventory, ordering seeds, starting seeds and planting seeds in my garden. You can see by the tabs at the bottom I also track varieties that I have, companion plants, what I harvest and can and more. Every year I pull the one up from the previous year and adjust. January is a fun time to pull this out!

But there is nothing like going through the catalogs right? I have more seed packs than I can count (literally), but there is always another tomato or squash that I must have!

tomato page from catalog

How about you? Do you have favorite catalogs or gardening books that you just have to look at in January?

Happy Unleashing (that gardener in you in January!)


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