Who Let the Birds Out?

IMG_20160608_132634706I had a great time last week helping my farmgirl pal Liz out at Nightfall Farm move her chicks out to their new digs in the field. It was a true “right of passage” for me in my long line of “rights” since moving to Indiana. This was one of my most fun and delightful experiences.

Liz and Nate raise animals and they have a meat CSA in our area you can join plus they sell at farmers’ markets, restaurants and direct.  Their animals are well cared for, fed wonderful things and you just feel good buying from them. We first met them when we bought our turkey from them last Thanksgiving.  We had our second introduction at the Small Farm Conference that we went to in February. Both Nate and Liz led and shared in sessions there.

Liz and I have become friends since then and she knows we are in the process of becoming farmers. She is always more than happy to listen, brainstorm and YES share her mucky jobs with me if I am willing. So when she called and said she needed help moving 200 chicks I was in!

Now…when I say “help” I use that term loosely as I had no idea what I was in for or what to do. But Liz is a great (and patient) teacher. She had another friend helping (that knew what she was doing) so in a few hours we were successful.

The first trick is simply scooping them up one at a time (well Liz can do two at a time) and placing them carefully in a temporary tub so that we can transport them across the farm.


During the day we moved 200+ chicks from their enclosed home in the barn to their clover fields homes outside right next door to their “cousins.” They settled in quickly- but then who wouldn’t with an all you can eat buffet and endless happy hour?





Cleaning out their old home is next. That takes some real farmgirl muscles. It was HARD work! Many of you already know this from experience.




During the day I was fortunate to also meet their very happy and friendly pigs and to see their glee at getting sprayed midday. They were more exited about the hose than their lunch!



And look at these gorgeous sheep!


IMG_20160608_140330226They all look like they have it rough huh? All their animals have spectacular surroundings, lots to munch on and tons of nurturing and care. If you are in Indiana, look them up!

Thank you Liz for sharing your day with me and all that I learned! We will see what you ping me for next time; I am anxiously waiting.


Happy Unleashing!


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