Snow Fun!

IMG_20160215_093200287It snowed yesterday on Valentine’s Day which created a lovely, slow day at home. We ate good food, hung out together and just kept commenting on how pretty everything was with the snow. There is something so peaceful about watching the snow from the warmth of your home.

We were especially thankful that it did not hit hard until we returned home from church. The deck soon was covered.



Jasmine hates the rain but she loves the snow. She digs her little nose in and comes up with snow all over her snout.


Hubby needed to shovel our path to our office today. He thought about calling in and saying the commute was too tough today.



Then he thought it would be mighty fun to build a snowman.


It is about as tall as he is!

Are you frolicking in the snow or over it? I will admit I am not over it quite yet….

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “Snow Fun!

  1. We had snow too. It was Scout Sunday so we attended church but it was still fun. Love the snowman! Had to laugh about the commute. My husband drives one hour each way to work. He would love to have a path instead. Wonderful post!

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