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We all have those things that are our favorites. I was introduced to Light of Day Organics tea about 2 years ago while on vacation. I was hooked! I have ordered it via the web ever since. I am not a coffee drinker but I do consider myself a tea snob. I love good tea and will seek it out and pay for it. This is one of my favorites.

Light of Day Organics is Michigan’s only tea farm. On our trip to Michigan in July we visited and it was everything (and more) that I hoped it would be.

As you approach you see their certifications. These are folks committed to organics and local. Thebulk of their teas are grown on their Biodynamic farm and are certified by the National Organic Program and by Demeter.


The founding director is inspiring as she founded this out of her own passionate journey in health and holistic well being for others and for herself. You can read her full story.

We had fun tasting tea, learning about the different types of tea, seeing how they are produced and then simply took in the surroundings wandering around. There are special places to seat and sip on your tea.



The gardens are beautiful and inviting.







Who wouldn’t want tea from here (or her own tea farm) after seeing this beauty?

And she has a Kubota which is my absolute favorite.


Visit them on the web and experience their beautiful teas and story. If you are in Michigan they are just west of Traverse City and so worth the trip. This is NOT a paid endorsement of any kind; I just love their stuff and wanted to share the beauty with you.


I am going to go steep a cup of tea and visualize the pretty flowers that went into it.

Happy Unleashing in your tea pot!



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  1. Unfortunately, I am a huge coffee addict. I cannot seem to replace the drink. I tried everything, tea included, alas — no success for now. The funny thing is that I started drinking coffee when I moved to the big city, but when I lived at my parents’ house I also enjoyed a large cup of tea. Maybe it has something to do with the stress levels?

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