Action! Weed Control!

Weeds, weeds and weeds. AND lots of grass. With all this rain the grass and weeds are taking over. I really am not looking for pristine, but the grass and weeds are taller than my veggies and they are smothering them. Hoeing and handpicking is not keeping up. We clean up and area, it rains and BOOM! They are back bigger and badder than before. We have a lot of garden space and I was getting discouraged. We do not use synthetic chemicals so that was not an option.

Hubby decided that getting me back to my happy place in the garden was important. Also growing our own food is important and an investment. He went and bought gardening cloth to put down and has been helping me go through the gardens with it. It is a beautiful thing!

We did our first run with this in a garden that was about to be planted. I had planted transplants in one row and they were being overtaken. Tomatoes and pepper transplants were ready to go so we decided here was the best place to start. The fabric is 4 ft wide which is perfect for our spacing here because our rows are 50″ apart.


We laid it out, dug holes, added compost and epsom and our transplants. Then hubby laid some straw around each plant and set our cages.


The rows look neat and the plants have a fighting chance now. It is a thing of beauty!



Next will be Garden 3 which has our beans and cucs fighting for space. They are getting buried by grass. We will mow really short and add the cloth. Pics to come on that clean up!


How do you keep the “unwanteds” away from your veggies and flowers?

Happy Unleashing in the Garden!




4 thoughts on “Action! Weed Control!

  1. This looks really good! I’ve been laying 6-9 inches of hay over the paths of my garden. It is keeping the weeds at bay. Pics on my blog if you are interested!

    • Hi Kim! I looked at your blog pics. Love your comment about learning new stuff from year to year. I feel like I learn every time I am out there. Sometimes because I have done something right, but other times because I have done something wrong. BUT they are all learnings. We are in our 3rd year so the learning curve is still steep! Keep up the good work out there. Love all your pictures of your garden (and the pool!)

  2. Hey Debbie, I just wanted to suggest to check out if any of the weeds have medicinal usage. I myself love to put dandelions in various salads.
    This way you will have at least one benefit from them.

    • Yes yes and yes! Great way to mitigate. Most of my unwanteds in my garden is plain old grass that grows faster than all else. Our plantain, dandelions and clover are great fodder for our bees!

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