My Gardening- Bragging & Confessing

I love gardening. I love my little green baby starters. I love watching my plants grow. I love harvesting and eating from what I have grown AND I love sharing pictures of my garden with ya’ll. I love to brag on the growth, on organic methods and on the yumminess. I love to brag on how much I have that is growing and my spreadsheets and how I organize it all. And don’t we all love for others to think we have it all together in whatever it is we do???IMG_20150529_200515781

But true confession is that my gardens don’t look like Organic Gardening Magazine’s or Eliot Coleman’s. Confession that many times when I take Ms. Tupelo for a ride out back ALL I do is weed- and I am talking 5 to 6 hours at a time and when I walk away there is as much crabgrass and stuff left as what I removed. Confession is that I try to get pictures that show gorgeous, but anyone can see that my gardens– although laid out perfectly are also filled with stuff that I did not plant or invite in.


I know from reading, school and others that straw is great, mulch is wonderful, herbicidal vinegar works and ground cover is multifunction awesomeness.  I also know that in my reality mulching or straw on an acre is expensive and more than I can manage to do. I am not steady enough with herbicidal vinegar to keep it off the stuff I want to keep so the gravel drive is the only safe zone for that. And I will be using white clover this year with my tomatoes, but those are my starters and when they go in they already have some growth on them. The other gardens all start from seed. By the time the plants are established enough to broadcast clover, the grass has claimed the ground.


So what’s a farmgirl like me to do? To use a quote we are all familiar with “change the things I can and accept the things that I cannot”.  Honestly the grass around my corn is not disturbing my corn. It is growing fast and furious. The weeds that got taller than my tomatoes last year were not aesthetically pleasing but I received 300 pounds of produce from them so I think again it bothered me more than them. Does that mean I don’t try? Does that mean I don’t continue to try to widen the space and make it clean for my growing cucs and greenbeans? Of course not. I change the things I can. BUT I have learned to accept that I my gardens will not be photographed for a magazine. I also have come to accept that the gardens I lust over from magazines are either 1) smaller than mine, 2) have a staff to assist, 3) don’t have a full time job outside of carrying for their garden or 4) are just way better than me at control and upkeep. I am good with all of that.

So let me share with you all my lovely green stuff– some edible and invited and some not so much. I hope you enjoy your garden as it comes and quit comparing yours to the magazines or neighbors. Gardening is to be enjoyed so enjoy!

My Purple BasilIMG_20150614_164319416

My Pension Green Beans


My Corn


Beneficial Insect Mix


A Volunteer Tomato (one of many; I think a San Mazano)

Potatoes – 3 types. They are controlling the weeds solo at this point.


Sweet Potatoes


Italian Basil

Greens of various types

AND of course my grass and weeds!


Enjoy your gardening! Remember the goal! To produce nutritious food for you and your family, to reduce stress, to get your Vitamin D, to exercise and for whatever else motivates you. Enjoy the green and all that is growing!

Happy Unleashing,


6 thoughts on “My Gardening- Bragging & Confessing

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I couldn’t agree more… You are having some great successes and I don’t think a farm is supposed to look magazine worthy.. I often think, what would my fields look like if I had one. The raised beds are managable to me and they are still weedy at times… And for get my grass… it’s so neglected but I don’t worry about it… As long as I get big beautiful blooms, I’ll be happy! Gardens and gardening are meant to be enjoyed! Thanks for sharing your confessions! And your victories… Wish I lived close enough to pop by with some flowers in trade for your delicious edibles! hugs,Deb

    • Hi Deb! Thanks for your comments and support of my confessions. 🙂 I love my gardens as you know and this is just part of it. Have a great day!

  2. Honestly, what makes a successful garden is your plants surviving your care…Not how it looks, this is nature, if your plants are doing well, giving healthy fruits and all that then – you are, in fact, a successful gardener. Fancy looking gardens often AIM at aesthetics more than the plants well-being overall. You know when you go to buy tomatoes from the store in the winter, they still look flawless but taste like plastic. However if you buy them in the summer, the taste actually becomes tomato-ish. And you know what? We eat them, so that’s what matters. Greetings to and your garden, you are doing great!

    Regards, Gena Lorainna, a professional gardener for a local company.

    • Thank you Gena! And you are so right; pristine comes from chemicals and outside inputs. My garden is thriving and the soil is getting healthier by my methods rather than being depleted. I appreciate your commenting! Have a great day.

  3. Weeds are a losing battle around here too! I try to keep up by hand, but it beats me every time and I’m terrified of accidentally spraying my plants with the vinegar solution. The garden seems happy and healthy, and that’s what matters 🙂

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