More Bees to the Family!

If you recall we lost a hive over our first winter with the bees. We ordered two nucs in January to bring us to three hives this year and we started preparing their new home for them. Hubby added a pallet and concrete cookies to raise up the area and level it. Then added a deep or brood box for each. You can see our existing hive, Trudeau in the middle. The one near the fence is Green and the other new one is Sky Harbor. (can you guess the naming theme?)



Then we got the call and went to pick them up on Sunday. We did not know exactly what to expect. Last year (our 1st), we order nucs and hive boxes from the same person. They delivered the hives with the bees already set up. We just suited up and watched. This year it was our turn to pick up actual nucs. Those little guys were buzzing away on the ride home!


Once home we took them out to the apiary. They were heavy and we used Ms. Tupelo to haul them. We opened them up and …


and boy oh boy were there a lot of bees in there!



To add nucs you “simply” swap these five frames for five empties in the hive. You place the loaded frames in the middle. That sounds easy in class. What they don’t tell you is that a TON of bees like to hang out in the old box in all the hard to reach places and they can be very stubborn in your thoughts about moving them. 🙂

We finally got them all in, added their feeders on top and watched as the last couple headed in to see their new digs.


We now have a lovely view of three hives from our house. We see them heading in and out so we hope they are well. We will peak at them in the upcoming week.


Happy Unleashing (bzzzzz)


3 thoughts on “More Bees to the Family!

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  2. I really enjoyed your post! I never knew that bees could be stubborn about moving. I must admit that I did not get the theme for the names. I hope it will come to me later after I have thought about it more. Do you need lots of room to start a hive?

    • Our theme are airport names…. 🙂 And for us they are meaningful- Green is the airport I was flown into when hubby proposed, Trudeau is our honeymoon airport and Sky Harbor is in Phoenix where we have spent many lovely trips and memories. You do not need lots of room; I know folks in neighborhoods that do have them but you need to be conscience of your neighborhood covenants, talk to your neighbors, etc.

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