Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #186

apronHowdy farmgirls and happy Friday! It is sunshiny here but a little deceiving as it is COLD.  But we have nothing on Deb over at Dandelion House and you other eastern farmgals that got blasted with the snow storm earlier this week! We are expecting snowfall this weekend and to be honest I am crossing my fingers for some. I am missing the white stuff!

I look forward to reading your entries each week. Last week I read with a bit of shock of Urban Overall’s finds in dried beans over the years. I do sort and rinse but I confess to laziness on this one as I have never spotted anything out of place so I thought these warnings to be a bit exaggerated. She has convinced me to be more diligent!

moldy beans with assorted shriveled beans and pebbles

I am busy with my garden plan and looking at seed catalogs. I added some new catalogs to the mix this year and cannot wait to get through them all. What are you up to?

Join on in and brag a bit on yourself and what you are doing. We love to read them! Let’s get hoppin’!

Hop over to Deb’s for the updates on the snow storm and the damage she encountered. AND also the cute video of her chickens!

Farmgirl is a Condition of the Heart~ MaryJaneButters

This is a Blog Hop!

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