Giveaway from Santa Claus


Yes, you read that right. I have a little giveaway direct from Santa Claus– Indiana that is.  Did you know that there is a Santa Claus, Indiana? It is in fact the only place you can get a post mark from Santa Claus in the world!


Of course we had to visit the huge Christmas store. I have never seen so many decorations and ornaments in one place.  It was pretty incredible.


It was in this shop that I found the perfect Christmas ornament for my farmgirl sisters. Take a look at this adorable ornament!


Now what farmgirl doesn’t need a cute cowgirl boot on her tree?!

How do you get this? SIMPLE.

Good Luck!


18 thoughts on “Giveaway from Santa Claus

  1. I want to say,,this is a cute ornament, in my past when my kids were young we would do almost every thing holidays and go to any place that had holiday decorations, I collected them over the years, lost a few, purchased more.. It is to be my gift to my son when he has a family to provide him and his wife with my box of ornaments that I picked up along the way in my life life., I write about each one, where it came from, its meaning, the story. i date each one too and this is the reference, this is a good addition. You know I dont put up a tree unless family is coming, normally I plant an evergreen in my yard to mark the occasion, but non the less, the holiday and what it it means to me regardeless of an in House tree is still the same.

    • Love your tradition on your ornaments. As my 3 girls were growing we got an ornament each year for them. We would put their name and date on the back. When they were grown and moved out, they each got their ornaments. Each year since we still get them a new ornament each year. I love that you plant an evergreen sometimes as an alternate! Merry Christmas to you.

  2. This little boot is so cute! I have two small little ones that I am trying to start “traditions” with and it would be wonderful to add this to our collection! 🙂

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  4. A-dorable! Every country gal has a pair of boots to kick about the farm and town. And, what’s better to adorn the Christmas Tree, but remembrances of me in them boots.

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