Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #173



Happy Friday and welcome to Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Is it just me or is everyone busy at home right now? Planting for fall, canning up summer, making a Halloween costume for my first grandson, remodeling, school and well you know that thing called a job that keeps me busy! I have to say I love it and am grateful for all the happenings, but am dreaming of VACATION… we are headed out a week from Sunday to peruse upper Michigan. It will be a week of fall leaves, apples and rest.  So, my list is long before my release to the road with hubby, but all of the chores are enjoyable. What are you up to?

Speaking of busy, Deb as been really busy over at Dandelion House. They are laying floors and redoing furniture and all kinds of things! Be sure to go over, visit and say howdy!

I loved seeing “Eggs in the Basket” last week on the hop! I have made many of these–we called them “Birds in the Nest”, but no matter what the name is they are great! The girls LOVED them growing up. I think I may have to revisit these this weekend.

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Thanks for visiting and sharing. I love this part of Fridays. Don’t forget to stop by Deb’s… she cleared the paint out of her nails to feature Robin of Redo It Yourself Inspirations. and she really is an inspiration

“Farmgirl is a condition of the heart!” (MaryJane Butters)


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