Indulging (and preserving) the Harvest Part 2

The harvest continues to come in. I am by no means an expert at canning. This is only my 3rd year doing this, but I do love it. Last weekend we canned 60 pounds of San Marzanos and Granderos (both Roma tomatoes). We also had some tomatillos that I used for salsa.

My kitchen corner was a busy place. It is a little crowded in that space for this task, but I made it work. I am excited about our kitchen remodel which will gain me about 80 inches of counter space! I will be in heaven.

Busy Kitchen

Tools of the trade:

Canning Tools

I was super excited to use the Weck Jars that Rachael gifted me at Christmas. They were the first to go in the water bath!

Four Jars

Making the salsa was delightful and colorful. Look at that.


I have not grown tomatillas before but we love them. I am really excited to be canning some Salsa Verde for future use!

Tomatillo Salsa

All in all for my first day canning of the season the takeaway was pretty and much larger than last year. Tomatoes, tomato jam, two kinds of salsa and dried tomatoes all await a winter day for opening and eating.

Jars of Tomatoes

The big news is that although this is the most I have ever canned before there is so much more waiting. I have been with my mom since 9/10 as she had surgery (she is recouping nicely) and hubby has been sending me pictures. Our green beans are so full and heavy that they totally took out the trellis from weight! He rebuilt it for the little guys. Our cucumbers I understand are waiting to be pickled and we have “1000’s of tomatoes” waiting for a canning jar. He told me that he went and bought several flats of ball jars that are waiting in the kitchen for me!

Can you say Christmas presents???

How’s your harvest and preserving coming along? Done or in the middle like me?

Happy Unleashing!


6 thoughts on “Indulging (and preserving) the Harvest Part 2

  1. Wow! You have been busy. I love canning tomatoes, though it is a lot of work. Ours are slow to ripen this year, so as of yet, I have yet to can a single jar of salsa, pasta sauce or ketchup. Happy canning!

    • Ours have been late also this year, so I have more to still do than I have completed. Canning reminds me of my grandma. Silly, but I turned off the AC the weekend I canned and it got really hot in the kitchen. For me that was part of it-grandma didn’t have AC on it would just be hot in there! I love a good theme and the hot kitchen seemed to go along with the canning of my home grown veggies! Happy canning to you to! I am still in the mode with you.

  2. Wow! Nicely done farmgirl! I think our kitchens are laid out exactly alike… small and cozy but very efficient! I’m going to spend some time with your recipes, cuz I’ve got bags of tomatoes from our harvest in the freezer waiting for me to do something!!! Great job!

    • Thanks Deb! I will have more this weekend when I go home. I can’t wait to get back to my little kitchen again and get all hot over the canner and put more of these beauties up!

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