Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #170


Welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! I am nothing but a “red head” this week– a little pun meaning that I have only tomatoes on my brain! They are everywhere and I am so excited. A weekend of canning starts today.IMG_20140903_111032462

I am learning continually about gardening and I make a lot of mistakes along the way.  The biggest lesson I am learning however is that my garden is forgiving. If I miss something, they just keep at it. They don’t hold a grudge when I neglect them due to travel or work for a few days. Just like our dog, they are welcoming and show me much in the way of growth and color and even smiles when I return. I may have messes to clean up along the way, but they continue to show me love. Check out my post on the harvest I received this week after a week of beating myself up over my absence in the garden.

I cannot let this week’s hop go by without acknowledging our farmgirl sister Heidi’s pain in loosing her beloved doe Lily last week. So many of us were on the journey with her in “cyberspace” and felt and shared her pain. Our sisterhood is really remarkable that way. We share highs with each other here, but also the lows and challenges. Let’s continue to send Heidi hugs across the miles and also share those hugs with others that need them.

What about you? What are you up to this week? This life is a continual set of lessons learned. What are you learning this week?

OK let’s get hopping and sharing! Be sure to visit Deb too over at Dandelion House!! They are celebrating a birthday this week at her house (and such cute pictures of the birthday boy!)

Thanks for joining us and sharing.


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