Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #169


Welcome to our Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! Deb is up to here eyeballs in gorgeous flowers!  You must head over to see her beautiful arrangements and for ideas on DIY Flower Arranging!

I am going to be canning this weekend! I am very excited about that. It is the first of the season. It has been hot here and we have hundreds of tomatoes just screaming to be used. It seems that while we were gone they just took off.  A few are struggling, but most are very happy! Our beans are climbing, our squash is out of control (in a good way) and we have a lot of green action.





Last week’s share from The Red Feedsack, had a yummy looking salsa recipe for canning.  I am suspecting that some of my tomatoes will end up in that! And she uses yellow pear tomatoes also, which I love and we have thousands of them.  Those little critters really go at it!

Salsa from The Red Feedsack

What are you up to? Wrapping up your garden and canning? Starting a fall garden? Just beginning to reap your harvest? Flower arranging like Deb? Or maybe you have some fun happenings in your kitchen or barn. Whatever you are up to we invite you to share!

Have a happy Labor Day weekend in your neck of the woods!

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