Bye Bye Red Door!


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE red.  Our house, after the remodel will have red shutters, a red metal roof and our pole barn is covered in red on the top. I have more red clothes than any other color.  All my small appliances in my kitchen are red. I LOVE RED…but we have (had) this rickety red door for our office entrance that had to go.

The paint that was used was the wrong type so the frame peels and peels and peels.  The wasps and other various critters had eaten through the frame and these would then infiltrate our office.


The doorknob was 1/2 in but was not aligned properly from the moment we moved in so it does not really shut.  It became impossible to shut the door; when there was a storm, we would often find that that door had blown open. Just what you want when you have all your electronics and papers in that room!


On a positive note, Jasmine could let herself in by simple body weight and a paw push.  She loved that.  She will miss that!

So, I was time to get a new door.  So off we went to get our new door (with more windows in it) and we loaded her up to take her home. She’s a beauty!


Then we said our condolences to the old door and out she went. Bye, bye red door… it’s not you it’s me (not really it is you).




Our builders told us that the door was only held in by Great Stuff Door foam; no nails, no screws–easy removal for them!

Putting the new door in was an exciting moment for us to see!


We now have our new door and the light in the office is incredible.  We can no longer enter the office with our hands full by kicking it, but we will adjust. 🙂 Jasmine now has to look in and give a bark for us to open the door for her, but she’s already trained on that since the other doors in our house work that way.  The bug population in our office is nil which is an added bonus!


So I love red and I will love all the red that will don our house, but this red door will not be missed (except for when my hands are full)…

Happy Unleashing today!


2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Red Door!

  1. Too funny, Debbie! Love your new door and all the light in will bring you! Great for getting those creative juices going in the dead of winter!!!! Hugs! Deb

    • Hi Deb! We are putting a larger window in there tomorrow also! More light and yes, hopefully will engage those right brain waves! Hugs back to you!

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