Busy as a Bee!

Bee FashionIt is funny how you name your children and in some cosmic fashion they live up to that name.  My name, Debbie/Debra means “Busy as a Bee” which literally has always been true, but never truer than last weekend when we got our first two beehives! I feel like I have 20,000 namesakes now.

My fashion sense has also changed since working in Atlanta at an office.  I have went from heels, skirts and slacks to a bee jacket, very cool pants that match this and mucks!  I think I prefer the new look!

We ordered “nucs” for our bees.  In case you don’t live in the bee world a nuc is kind of like a ready made starter hive. It has the frames, a queen, eggs, babies, workers and comb already being built.  Since your bee breeder needs to raise up a queen and insure that this is all working well in your nuc, you do not get an exact date for delivery. We got an email last week stating that Saturday was the day.  They were ready for their new home!

First we needed to pick a location at BSA (Big Sky Acres) and build a stand.  It is best for a hive to be off the ground a bit.  One, it is easier to inspect and work with and two it keeps critters at bay.  Hubby got to building a level place for the hives to reside on.

Getting Bricks

Pallets and concrete cookies were a great base.

Bee Platform

Leveling is important for the bees.  They don’t need to be cockeyed!


Some wood and screws finished off the base.

Stand Building


The bees arrived!  I was so excited I forgot to take pictures of them.  But our mentor and her hubby brought them over and we set them on the new stands.  Passerbys must have wondered if there were aliens in our yard!

Mentor Ginger


Mentor Ginger showed us how to use the smoker and open the hive to see activity and to add sugar water.  Some folks don’t add sugar water and some do.  Ginger does and since she is our mentor we are following her lead here. Then it was our turn to try out the smoker and go in!

Coming InSmoker

It was incredibly awesome opening the hive and seeing the little critters.  They truly are amazing.  We lifted out the frames and saw eggs, babies being fed, comb being built and lots of action.  The only action that we did not get was the bees coming at us.  I had envisioned that once the lid opened they would be mad and come at us (hence the protective gear). But they are so gentle and they just keep on doing what they are doing.  They are mesmerizing to watch.

Bees New Home

I will post more pics as we continue on our bee journey.  I was so fascinated by it all that most of the time I forgot all about my camera! We have them in a great place on our property as we can see them from the sunroom and our office.

Hives in Yard


We have named our hives.  We expect to get more so we thought it would be fun to have airport names as the naming convention.  Our first two hives are named after sentimental airports for us. The first is T.F.Green (Providence) which is where hubby flew me to propose.  The second hive is Trudeau (Montreal) which is where we flew in to begin our honeymoon.  We can now see Green and Trudeau anytime we want and there is much activity there.  You might say they are both “busy as a bee”!

Happy Unleashing (buzzzzzz)


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