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Happy Friday and welcome to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop! It is cold and snowy here and given that 31 states are now below freezing, you are probably cold as well.  There is nothing to take the chill off quite like pouring a hot cup of tea and checking out what all your farmgirl pals are up to, so we glad you dropped by.

I think we all love sharing and chatting with each other so I am crazy about the group that Heidi started–Farmgirl Chit-Chat on Facebook recently.  If you have not checked it out, come on by! It is a private group, so you will need to click the little link to request access, but do it!  We are having lots of fun sharing in there.

Farmgirl Chit-Chat

Have you been getting out your seed catalogs and dreaming about gardening in the spring?  I am CRAVING fresh tomatoes.  I am almost out of the ones that I canned and I have promised myself to start eating more seasonally, so I have not bought even one tomato from the store this winter.  I cannot wait for that first bite in summer of one off the vine. My tomato craving is exactly why the Tomato Sauce from Frozen Tomatoes  shared by “Making Our Sustainable Life” caught my eye last week.  I am committed to planting TONS of tomatoes this coming year and I hope to have so many that I have to freeze for sauce later also.  I loved the blog and the idea that the frozen ones peel so easily is such a bonus!

I am sure you have favs every week also.  Don’t be shy.  Share a favorite or two from a farmgirl pal in our comment section.

So, I am ready to blog hop; how about you?

We so glad you are here.  Stop by each of our hostesses and say hello! 

Deb of Dandelion House (our blog hop founder and hostess primo)

Heidi of My Simple Country Living  

And the rules…. simple, but here they are:

1.) Write a post about your farmgirl lifestyle and brag a little about your farmgirl talents while your at it! Share what being a farmgirl means to you. Include lots of photos of your farm, crafts, animals,  quilts, home decor projects and thrifty make overs, your backyard garden, chicken coop, recipes, studio or workshop. You get the idea!
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See you on the hop!
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2 thoughts on “Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #142

  1. How nice of you to mention my post from last week about tomatoes! Thanks. I can’t wait either! But as for the bad weather – ours is horrible! Not because it’s about 70 degrees outside right now, but because we haven’t had any rain in 47 days now – and it’s our rainy season! I am so afraid that we are in a serious, serious drought right now and I am worried about food shortages! We are already being impacted by water restrictions and if we don’t get any rain soon, we probably won’t be able to water our lawn, much less our garden! How about if I give you a little bit of our warmth and you send some of your snow over here??!!!

    • Hi Vickie–It is crazy to think part of the US is in major freeze and snow and others, like you are in drought! I wish we could swap a little warmth for some water. I am doing a rain dance for you; can you do a “warmer temps dance” for me? Drought is serious; I truly hope you see some precipitation soon.

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