Musings: So Many Blessings

Thanksgiving week naturally lends itself to gratitude.  I try to live with an attitude of gratitude all year long, but on some days it is just a challenge!  We all have those days.  Thanksgiving causes me to pause and think about how many blessings I have. They are just overflowing.  There is no perfect life, but there is perfection in imperfection.  I personally believe that God does have a perfect plan for me and my day is perfect in His eyes inside of that plan.  I just don’t always see it, but more importantly I don’t always look for it.

On Thanksgiving we have a tradition at our house, beginning as soon as you wake up to have what we call “Grateful Hour“.  We set the alarm in 60 minute intervals all day and when it dings, we do a round robin where everyone says what they are grateful for.  It is so much fun; we have the standards about family, home, etc., but as they day goes on you really hear about the smaller things that everyone is grateful for.  And at the end of the day, on our last round, someone will always proclaim with laughter that they are “glad that grateful hours are now over!”  Now that the kids are grown and not always here we text or call instead, but we still do it.  It is a great tradition and one that will be one of my legacies left behind that I am sure will carry on in our family.

I have so many things I am grateful for I think I could play “Grateful Hour” for more than just a day, but here are a few things that I will give thanks for this year:

  • My Husband, my daughters and having my mom and dad still with us will be at the top of my list, followed by these in any given order….
  • My first grand baby is on the way!  WOW– ‘nough said.
  • Living our first full year in the country.
  • 8 garden beds that were not even on my brain’s eye at that beginning of the year that have come to life and filled our table & pantry with wonderful bounty.
  • Seeing the big dipper almost every night along with tons of other stars.
  • Sunrises from my deck and sunsets from my front porch! What a view we are blessed with.
  • New friends in our new home.  We have connected with and found some really special people to share our life here with.
  • Working from home in a lovely office on top of my garage.  I have to go outside to “go to work”, but the commute is only a few steps to the office.
  • Music– all types, just depends on the mood.
  • My health. So blessed to be so healthy at 54 years old. 🙂
  • Our dog–always the interesting personality to watch.
  • The wonderful contractors that we have partnered with on our pole barn, deck and other projects.  They are honest, hardworking and talented.
  • Our pole barn!  I love that out building.
  • The sound of the gravel driveway when I come home after being away.
  • The scenery around us and on our drives when we run errands or go out.
  • The community activities I have plugged into.
  • Our church and other nearby churches.  There are so many good ones near us.
  • Starting school in January!  I didn’t see that one coming.
  • Tea, wine, kombucha, water, bourbon, kefir, craft beers… I am always sipping on something and there are so many great choices!
  • Sewing again!  Yipee!
  • Cooking in the evenings after work; love that kind of wind down.
  • Birds on my bird feeders. There is even a yellow finch that has climbed into my hand a couple times this year.
  • Dirt; I have always loved getting dirty and this environment lends to that.

And I could go on and on and on.  I love my life, I love my family and I love all my friends that are new and old. Many of my new friends I have met here on my blog and on yours.  I am grateful for you too; you all help me continue to unleash my inner farmgirl and for that I am extremely thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!


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