Sunflower Bird Feeders

fenceWe had beautiful sunflowers in our garden this year thanks to our daughter.  When she got married last spring she gave everyone sunflower seeds.  Her showers, rehearsal dinner and wedding were are themed with them so it was so great to take some with us.  They made me smile all summer.  Some were so huge, I could not even see their blooms except from afar.  As summer began to wind down, they did also and slumped in submission.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a great idea on using the sunflower heads for bird feeders.  Unfortunately I cannot recall where I saw it– a blog I read, a blog shared on the blog hop, Pinterest, Facebook…. I don’t know.  BUT I remembered the idea of them and set out today to make them.  IF this is your idea, PLEASE claim it and let me know.  I thank you for such a great idea!!!!  

Here we go!

First I clipped off the flowers and left about a foot of the stem.  If you look close you can see the sunflower seeds.  I buy bags of these for my little birdies that I feed, so I am so excited to give them these.

I lined them up and then I gathered them together with a tie wrap.  I just get these at the hardware store or home improvement store.  They hold permanently together, and I use them for everything!


preptie wrap

 I added some hemp and left it long enough to use to hang my feeders.  I added ribbon then to some of them.  Just a bow.

tie together


Then I hung them all over the place!  Aren’t they awesome?

bartlett pear Birdfeeders fence2 pine tree trees











That was so much more fun than opening a bag of sunflower seeds and feeding the birdies.  I think they will feel special and like they have a gourmet meal now.  What do you think?  What are you doing with things from your garden that are loosing a little of their liveliness to keep them giving you pleasure?

Happy Unleashing!


2 thoughts on “Sunflower Bird Feeders

  1. This is a darling idea… They DO look great hanging from your fence posts! What a great wedding theme too! I love that your daughter handed out seeds to her guests… Everyone should try to grow a little happiness at home! thanks for sharing your upside down sunflower bouquets.

  2. Glad you like them! I felt happy getting my outdoor craft on while at the same time cleaning out my sunflowers and feeding my birdie friends!

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