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Saturday was the big day.  Beekeeping School.  Not only have I not sat in a class for several months, I was in a town I had never been in, surrounded by people I have never met and the subject matter was a topic that I know LITTLE about (and that is probably an overstatement).

Hubby was signed up also.  Beekeeping was his idea to begin with and he is very excited about this entire venture.  So, on Friday we headed up to Indianapolis to spend the night and have a bit of fun.  The school was outside of Indy, so it would make our drive easy on Saturday and we always like mixing in exploring a new area when we can.  Indy was a blast and we had some adventures there and I cannot wait to go back for a long weekend (or two), but that is another blog….

School started promptly at 8:30.  I know that because we were a few minutes late (8:35) and it was already started.  We found our seats in the front (because those were the ones that were empty) and were amazed at the number of people in attendance.  Our teacher had been beekeeping for a long time, was an officer in the association and not only raises bees, but it is his business.  He has ALOT of hives all over his area and had a plethora of info and stories to pass on to us newbies.

I really LOVE office/school supplies, so of course I had my handy notebook made up (reference the cute notebook on the right of my picture) and had a brand new spiral notebook to take notes in.  Sitting at our table were magazines and catalogs and in front of the class there were hive boxes and frames and all kinds of things that I was pretty clueless about. Hanging on the wall was a bee jump suit that was obviously well used surrounded by other beekeeping implements.

Class was fantastic and I cannot begin to even tell you how much I learned and how many questions I walked out of there with.

Highlights for me:

  • Better understanding of the terminology.  This will make it easier for me to dive back into my books and understand them better now that I know the difference between a brood chamber and a  super and a frame.
  • Validation of how cool bees are.  They absolutely fascinate me.  Their culture, organization, work ethic, and family ties just amaze me.  School just made me even more excited about these little creatures.
  • Feeling like we will have support in our new venture.  Bee people are so welcoming and so excited about their craft.  They sincerely want to share with you, help you and see you fall in love with beekeeping. Indiana even has a state inspector that you can call if you have concerns; she will visit you and inspect your hives with you and no charge.  How awesome is that?
  • Meeting Ginger who lives a few miles from us, who sells nucs (yes, now I know what that is-reference hightlight #1), and is starting a local meeting group right down the road from us.  YES!!!  Someone close by who knows what she is doing AND finding out there is a bee group starting up the road in November.  BINGO!  That was worth the price of admission I think.
  • Doing this with hubby.  How great to venture into a hobby together!  Before the naysayers warn me, you must understand that we own 2 businesses together, we met at work and we project extremely well together (we have remodeled 3 houses without issue).  The hobby will be an extension of everything else we enjoy together and will be a great team effort and something that will focus us on things other than work.
  • Weekend in Indy was really fun and definitely a highlight of the weekend.  That is a great city with so much to offer!

The biggest thing however was that it confirmed that we WANT to do this. You know how sometimes you think you want to do something then you read a book, attend a workshop, or talk to someone and you realize it just isn’t your cup of tea? That happens and these workshops are great for helping people decipher some of that for themselves so they don’t get into something that may not be a match.

BUT we walked out and drove a few miles.  I looked at hubby and said

“So do you still want to do this?”  He said “Absolutely!” I am more excited now than before!  How about you?”

To which I said “Oh Yeah! I cannot wait!”

We are going to a conference in November and will learn more and we have publications and books to dive into.  We have Ginger and others we will meet next month to share our path.  Next spring we will have bees and hives and fear and excitement. Our mind is buzzing (sorry I couldn’t help myself) with ideas and dreams of our hives.

Are you venturing into anything new right now?  Are you out of your comfort zone somewhere in your life?  Please share!

Happy Unleashing all those new hobbies!


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  1. Enjoy! I’m hoping to take a class on orchard mason bees. We attract a lot of bees in our yard, but the timing of the mason bees works a little better for our fruit trees. I think classes start later in the year. I can’t wait!

    • That is great to hear. I think the bees are fascinating! Can’t wait til spring when I have them. Let me know if you do the orchard mason bee class.

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