Saturday Musings: Rain

Rain, rain go away, come again another day…..

That was the verse we grew up with and chanted as felt that the rain ruined our plans–couldn’t play on the swing set, go to the pool, play ball, ride bikes– it pretty much meant we were inside.  Of course we did not have cable or internet or even a phone that was not attached to the wall so options were limited inside.  We built tents, colored, played barbies, but we really just wanted it to stop raining so we could go outside.

Fast forward to adult life and commuting in the city I sang it again “rain, rain go way, come again another day….” That was because rain meant a 2 hour commute to and from work (yep 2 hours each way); it meant accidents, it meant nothing but trouble! It was an inconvenience and made me groan in the morning if I heard it was to rain.

It rained last night and this morning and I was so excited!  I did NOT sing the famous verse, but was rejoicing because I planted my fall starters in the garden yesterday. While I was planting them it started to sprinkle. I did not scramble inside and I certainly did not hope that it would stop.  Just the opposite.  I wanted it to come on and rain.  Planting in the mud is not only good for the plants but really fun for me too.  So it rained gently, I planted, the dog laid next to me and it was peaceful and good.

I came inside and was thrilled that this gentle rain continued.  I knew the plants were happy; I was happy.  This morning, I hopped on my tractor while it was still threatening some more rain and visited my newly planted friends and they were upright and bigger than they were yesterday afternoon.  They were happy, their roots are settling in, they are getting a drink, and they were smiling.

Rain in the country doesn’t always mean happiness and peace though.  Sometimes we get too much- not because of a commute but because of other reasons.  Sometimes newly planted plants get too much, they flood and just don’t make it. Sometimes your pole barn gets delayed by a few days because concrete cannot get poured (experiencing that one).

But I have found my relationship with rain is different.  It is just part of the seasons, weather, life. Sometimes there is not enough, sometimes there is too much, and sometimes it is just right.  I have learned though that you cannot control it, grumbling doesn’t help, you just go with it.  And when it is just right, like the last 24 hours, you smile along with your plants.

Hope you smile today whether you have sunshine or rain!

Happy unleashing!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Musings: Rain

  1. In our last year in Houston, we experienced both extreme heat and extreme drought. Even my native plants died. It was a horrible experience as I watched my vegetables shrivel up and die. I’ve lived in a different climate for the past year and a half, and I am grateful for the rain.

  2. Hi Nadine! In Georgia I had the worst time getting anything to grow. It always seemed like it was going to be a successful year early on since spring comes so early. BUT then the heat and dry hits and no go! I love our climate now!

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