Rite of Passage—Pole Barn Episode 2

Oh such excitement!  Today it begins.  Construction on the pole barn that is.  While in the kitchen this morning, I heard the rumble of trucks pulling up our gravel driveway.  We looked out and the crew was arriving, all the wood and poles for the barn was arriving, the bobcat was arriving; so with the sun rising in the background it began…the birth of our 1st pole barn (yes I plan to have others).

The crew is a mix of Amish and “English” as they call folks like me. This is not their first rodeo and they all immediately took their places to begin the rising of my pole barn. 

First came the setting up and unloading of all the STUFF!  Isn’t it beautiful?

Next came the digging of holes and setting the poles; hence the name “pole barn.”

As I watched in awe all day I was amazed at the craftsmanship.  No air tools—every single nail was hammered.  They rode up on the tresses hanging by a chain on the end of a bobcat and then hand set and nailed them in place.  The skill and balance they demonstrate in building is amazing.

When our building inspector talked to us and found out who was building our barn he told us there would be NO problem as this team could “teach us all how to  build a building.”

At the end of Day 1 we had the structure up and we enjoyed walking “inside” of it tonight.

The most heartwarming picture of the day however was when one of the lead crew members reached his hands across my scarecrows to protect them from the unloading of the materials.  I was glad I caught that moment as he stood in front of them as if they were his own children.  How great is that????


Can’t wait for Day 2!

4 thoughts on “Rite of Passage—Pole Barn Episode 2

  1. That is awesome! We are building a barn this year, and we’re almost done with it, and we live not far from the Amish as well. Last year we built an outdoor sauna and we had them cut the logs for us and they came out and assembled it for us. Thanks for stopping by my photo blog.

    • Hi Judy! Thanks for stopping by. We have been so impressed with the crew and the folks that helped us design this. We asked them yesterday if they would consider doing our deck as we want to expand it. I would not hesitate to use them again and again and again! Really great experience so far. That is so awesome about your sauna and the cut logs. I bet it is beautiful. And your pictures of hummingbirds today are incredible! I love hummingbirds but certainly have never captured them in photos like you did. Have a wonderful day!

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