Unleashing Can Be Dangerous(ly fun)!

Unleashing your inner farmgirl can be dangerous.  She will want to do and try so many things and it will be impossible to contain her. 🙂

I have taken the week off from my “day job” in corporate and it really allows my farmgirl to dream, plot and plan.  Watch out!

Things I have experienced today:

  • Started worm compost tea
  • Ordered an Earthway Seeder
  • Researched Wheel Hoes (any suggestions?)
  • Watered my seedlings for my fall garden
  • Read and read on green shield bugs
  • Baked (usually hubby’s gig but my inner Farmgirl loves it) —cookies and banana bread
  • Ordered beekeeping books and chicken books and gardening year around books
  • Watched videos on high tunnels (oh boy!)
  • Read a lot of blogs that are of interest…chickens and bees and veggies oh my!
  • Ordered some shea butter so I can add lip balm to my DIY products
  • Started a notebook/journal each on bees and chickens—recording planning and dreaming is oh so important!
  • Ate lunch on my deck which was just peaceful and awesome

And most importantly dreamed and dreamed and dreamed.  More fun to come today-working the garden later today, getting on my tractor, feeling more sunshine and getting dirty. 🙂  Hubby said to me “I love it when you are like this…” My response, “me too.”

4 thoughts on “Unleashing Can Be Dangerous(ly fun)!

    • You are right Deb! Sewing and gardening today. All is a creative, fulfilling activity with intrinsic and tangible results!

    • I think busy is so good if you have chosen what makes you busy rather than having it chosen for you. Both happen in life of course, but choosing more often than not is a journey I am trying to travel. Have a great day Nadine!

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