Patience Pays Off- The Tomatoes Are Red!

When I blogged on patience in regards to my green tomatoes I did not know for certain that it was only patience that I was lacking in my lack of getting red tomatoes. Being a first time gardener I was still pretty convinced that it was me.  BUT patience has paid off.  My tomatoes are turning red!

We were gone for 3 days so I guess that did keep me from watching them and waiting for them to turn.  We returned to this:

basket   window sill yellow pear

So we will be eating a lot of tomatoes—BLT’s, tomato sandwiches, greek pitas with tomatoes and cucumbers, roasted tomatoes, pasta (or course), grilled pizza, salad and on and on.  I canned a few yesterday just in case I don’t get anymore…. 🙂

 slicingcanned tomatoes

But I have a feeling that will not happen and I will be picking some more!  Oh happy day the tomatoes are in!

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