Are Spiders Transient?

I have a question for all of you today.  Do spiders “unweave” their web and move ever?  We have a lot of spiders and webs this year. Grateful for them as they keep the buggies at bay.  Two nights ago we watched a spider in amazement as he was busily working in the midnight hours.  We thought he was weaving more web.  The web was already large- about 18 inches or so and beautiful and it had trapped some little critters.  Spider was working and working and it appeared she was releasing silk and weaving more and more and more.  We were intrigued by her busyness in the middle of the night.  AND we had committed to taking pictures of the beautiful finished product in the morning.  AND did I mention how big she was?  She was a large spider (about 1. 5 inches).

The next morning we went out and she and the web was completely gone.  There had been no rain or wind.  And where she had built it is not in a walking or driving path so no one would have ran into it.  It was very out of the line of any kind of traffic.  Do spiders “unweave” as well as “weave” and then move somewhere else.  Could we have seen here taking up her web rather than spinning it?

Anybody a spider expert out there?

One thought on “Are Spiders Transient?

  1. Did anyone ever respond? Tonight, I found the spider and web she had spun. I had some business to take care of, but when I went out with my camera, the web, except for two intact strands,
    vanished. My spider unweaved its web in about 2 hours.

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