Site Prep for Pole Barn!

Our site prep for our Pole Barn has begun.  Can I tell you how E.X.C.I.T.E.D I am?  Take a look at the first shots.  Harold is our new best friend :-).  Boy can he Bobcat!

Fast forward….

So our internet connection was cut during the site prep so I did not post this earlier today with a follow up later.  Instead, all at once.

Note the pictures of Mike fixing the sliced phone/internet cable.

Note how great it looks at the end of the day!

Tomorrow, we get a date on the install.  Probably 2-3 weeks; wondering if I can pay extra and get someone else booted down? I really want my pole barn and I want it now.  But now I have a visual for it, we are started and I am excited!!!!

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