I was so excited to get my tortilla press.  In my journey to make more and more things myself, rather than buying something processed, it seemed to make sense that tortillas were next on the hit list!  I make my own chips from tortillas so the next logical thing to do was to make my own tortillas.  So I ordered my press  and was so excited to open the box and get it out!

DSCN2986     DSCN2987

I was amazed to find out how simple (and cheap!) this is to do.  All you need is Harina De Maiz and water.  How simple is that?  Mix the maiz with hot water– we used 1 3/4 C Maiz and 1 1/8 C boiling water.  Then into the mixer it went.  You need to knead it for about 10 minutes.  We let the Kitchen Aid do that…

DSCN2988   DSCN2989

You divide the dough into about 16 pieces.  Roll into a ball and place into the center of the press (lined with grocery bags!).  Press and into a dry hot skillet.  They cook up very fast and then they are heaven to eat!

DSCN2992  DSCN2993  DSCN2994  DSCN2996

We served ours with salad with a mojo dressing  and pinto beans that had been cooking all afternoon. I used my veggie stock in the pinto beans as I am obsessed with it.  I know the beans do not look appetizing in this picture but they were fantastic.

DSCN2990   DSCN2991

Very simple meal that was full of freshness and flavor.  I cannot wait to get my press out again!  It will definitely get a lot of play time!

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