Musings: Prepping for Snow

DSCN3748How is your forecast this weekend? ¬†Ours is great or terrible, dependent upon what your vantage point is. ūüôā ¬†Our forecast is 1″ sleet, followed by snow and lots of it (up to 8″) and then freezing rain through Sunday. ¬†Some would say YUCK, I say YES!!!!

One driving factor of moving here were the four seasons.  I so longed for fall, winter, spring and and summer to be uniquely their own; not one melding into another but having four distinct personalities.  I love them all and want to experience them each in their own special way.

As our weather forecast and warnings are hitting my phone, it makes me think about my life elsewhere.  Here are some thoughts that hit my head and heart today.

In a southern metro city, there is no need for lots of snow plows or salt trucks, so when it hits, the city is paralyzed.  It is tough to battle snow and ice without the tools. The city would simply panic and rightly so; it was not used to this white stuff!

In a northern rural city, you see the plows and trucks with brine and salt as soon as the forecast is announced.  They are working, ready, checking into nearby hotels and actually pretty pumped up about the impending snow! This is routine for them and they are very psyched up about battling the snow!

In a southern metropolis, the stores were FLOODED with people getting milk, bread and all other items that folks found their security in.  There is a bit of panic knowing stuff is headed your way that will debilitate you. You go and get what you feel you need to keep you safe, sound and stable.

This morning at church our pastor mentioned that we were preparing for the snow and ice storm.  He described that as getting our shovels, coats and ice scrapers out.  We hopped into a grocery afterwards and there were no empty shelves or long lines.  This is an area of the country that is accustom to this; no panic here! We grab shovels, ice scrapers and salt.  The fact is we know that snow is coming; we may not know when, but we know it is coming so we just keep moving on.  It does not feel debilitating.

In my preparation, I wandered out back today in my Mucks and gloves among the cold rain/sleet mix in my coat and picked spinach, kale, collards, corn salad and arugula.  I picked and picked and picked.  I felt so awesome about walking to my fields and getting what I needed for my time in my home this weekend.  SO EXCITING!  Is this not gorgeous stuff?








I cannot wait to see 3 a.m. and the snow. ¬†Well maybe I won’t be awake and I will see it in the morning, but none the less I am excited. ¬†I am seeing the seasons full blown in their magnificence. ¬†I am grateful for my experiment of four season gardening (thank you Eliot Coleman). ¬†I have not gotten through four seasons yet, but I have experienced many days now of fresh food and nurturing myself and my hubby with the stuff we are growing. ¬†I have loved spring and summer here. ¬†I have loved the fall and the beauty that went along with it. ¬†And I am so ready for the cold crispness of winter. I am thankful to be somewhere that this is just part of the cycle; it is not unusual, scary, something to throw me off. ¬†It is just another day, another season, another experience in my journey.

What is happening in your world?  Ready for snow or panicking that it may come? I am so inspired by many of you that write and that I read that are truly in wintery conditions and are prepping your animals and land. I learn from you every day and take little pieces into my life. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Happy Unleashing in your season, whatever it entails!