Fantasy Fulfilled

weck2Over time our fantasies of what we desire change.  At 15 and 16 I just thought I would die if I did not get a “77 Corolla; I did not get one and I am still here so I guess I had exaggerated that to my parents in hopes of persuasion.  In my 20’s and 30’s I just wanted to be the perfect the mom and have perfectly happy children that would sing my praises of how cool of a mom I was.  That lasted until they were about 6 and then took a leave until now; in their 20’s they sing my praises again.  I had to wait for that fantasy to be fulfilled.

When I went back to corporate in my 40’s I desired moving up, getting recognized and having clothes from Talbots and purses from Nordstroms.  That was all nice, but moving out to the country and leaving the traffic and stress that life brought with it, has been another fantasy fulfilled.

My first try at canning was two years ago; very small scale and my canning efforts grew this year and will continue to grow.  Along with that came my fantasy of owning Weck Jars.  A little too expensive for a newbie, so I have just lusted in my heart and apparently out loud as well, because my oldest daughter, Rachael, graced my with MULTIPLE boxes of Weck Jars for Christmas.  Do I look excited?


I now am counting the days until the tomatoes are ready for canning at the end of summer and strawberries are begging to form jam in my little tulip jars.  I love how what thrills in one era totally evolves as you and your life does.

What do you fantasize about getting?  Something glamorous? Something useful? Maybe a little of both?

Happy Unleashing today!


PS– Yes that is a SF 49ers shirt– Fantasy for a win in the super bowl also demonstrated in this blog. 🙂