Hearts, Roses and Cheese (?)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Isn’t this a beautiful cheese board? It is hickory and smooth as can be. The best part is that my hubby made this for me yesterday and surprised me with this lovely Valentine’s gift! Last evening we started our Valentine’s celebration munching on a lovely appetizer with the board center stage. I simply LOVE it!

I love Valentine’s Day, but at the same time have no expectations as to what hubby has to do for it, OR expectations as to what I should do. Throughout the many Valentine’s Days we have spent together, not one has been like the other.

Two years ago, I received all of the “traditional” gifts. Diamond earrings, chocolates, roses, wine and a great lunch out. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful celebration as my hubby splurged in this way.

BUT it was no more fantastic than last year! We had a very busy year and in February it just wasn’t “in the cards” to go lavish. Hubby instead shared his love and appreciation by creating two awesome, hand drawn cards. The pics that showed what he loved and appreciated about me are still on our refrigerator and I adore looking at them still.

Eight years ago I was gifted with red velvet cakes shaped like a heart! You can bet I enjoyed that one!

I guess my point is that some years there are no gifts or simple gifts. Some years the gifts are extravagant. Simple and extravagant are also relative, dependent upon other life happenings. The handmade card or the simple “Happy Valentine’s Day” greeting can feel extremely loving and caring if done with a sincere heart.

Whether you are enjoying traveling solo for business, cuddling in your warm home with a partner and a dog, tending to chickens on your farm OR spending it in a million other ways living your life today….

I sincerely and lovingly with each of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!



Weekend Getaway

VdayHubby surprised me with a Valentine weekend getaway. He definitely is good at making and carrying through on a plan and this was no exception. I did not know where we were headed until shortly before we left. I love surprises especially when they include a little road trip. I was so excited!


He saw an article in Midwest Living magazine on old theaters that had been restored. Franklin, Indiana and the Historic Artcraft Theatre jumped out to him as it is just a couple of hours up the road. AND the Valentine showing was “My Fair Lady” which is a favorite of ours. Here is an old picture of the theatre from their website. Check out the schedule of all the fantastic movies for 2015 – 2016

The theatre popcorn is locally grown Indiana popcorn that is popped at the theatre. It is $2 and includes free refills! Water was $1 and admission was $5. I guess I am a cheap date! 🙂 The theatre was large and an MC introduced the show. Improv players did a 30 second skit to synopsize “My Fair Lady”, prizes were given out and a cartoon played prior to the main show. It was FUN!

Hubby took the other suggestions in the article and made a two night reservation at The Flying Frog Bed and Breakfast where we were treated to a lovely room, 3 course breakfasts and terrific hosts.




We were so enthralled with the food and enjoyment of the other guests at breakfast we have no photos to show as we simply forgot to take some. You will just have to trust me that the Eggs Benedict, stuffed french toast, poached pears, fritata, dipped strawberries and more were all delish!

The Willard served up an awesome Margherita pizza, fried cheese cubes and mircrobrew just like the article said they would. It was a great first evening dinner!


Our waiter recommended a place for dinner on Valentines Day and the next evening we were headed to Taxman Brewing Company.



Taxman did not disappoint for dinner on Valentine’s Day. We headed there before the show and we loved the set up. Long tables on two floors that encourage not only good eating and drinking but socializing as well. The couple we shared a table with were so fun to share our dinner time with. We were fortunate to hit them early (5pm) as we had a short wait but by the time we left the wait was over an hour. This place really is a popular joint and for good reason! The mussels, frites, hamburger and kale salad was to die for. They have excellent chefs there and also talented brewmasters as the beer was really good!


So much was within walking distance and although it was cold it was a cozy, relaxing weekend full of small town fun. And what would Valentine’s Day be without a good bottle of wine and chocolates. I was also treated to some awesome slippers that I wore most of the weekend while at our B&B!


Hope you had a cuddly Valentine’s weekend where ever you were. If you live in Indiana or are passing through don’t pass Franklin Indiana up!

Keep warm!