Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #219

FGF LogoWelcome back to the Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop!

After a week off the blog hop and two weeks away from blogging I am happy to be here with you again. We had a wonderful vacation in Quebec and Montreal!

From the fabulous food and tea—



The beautiful churches (this is the Basilica of Notre Dame)—




The views of Quebec City—




To just having fun dressing up and going out—



It was a wonderful trip and 11th anniversary celebration!

I have not been up to much here at the farm, but we did get our farm number which is exciting and will now allow us to work with the USDA and others on grants and assistance. This weekend holds a long task list and a bit of catching up.

Is it spring yet for you? Our friends in Colorado are expecting a winter storm! I am sure they are hoping for springtime soon.

Let’s get hopping!

Here’s some simple guidelines!

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Thank you for joining and sharing!

Farmgirl is a Condition of the Heart – MaryJaneButters

Happy New Year from Florida!

We typically visit St. Augustine, Florida after Christmas until the 2nd week of January (or so). The Festival of Lights remains up until the end of January so we just continue on in the holiday spirit. We are still listening to holiday music, looking at decorations and are taking a few vacation days to totally enjoy some down time.

Yesterday we ventured out in the opposite direction that is typical for us and we discovered a gem. The Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is a beautiful state park that houses a formal garden and lots of coquina rock. The area was once owned by a distant relative of George Washington. More recently it was owned by Owen and Louise Young; he was the former Chairman of the Board of the General Electric Co. in 1922.  Louise Owen loved gardening. Following Mr. Owen’s death she donated the lovely property to the State of Florida; she requested that the gardens  be continued.

The entire setting is so lush along side some historic buildings. It was a wonderful find for us!

We wandered through and enjoyed the holiday spirit still alive and well at the park.





Ornaments were hung from bushes and gazebos and poinsettias were everywhere!




We even found Christmas trees tucked away in unexpected places.


Reindeer were seen throughout and one even posed with hubby.


In addition to that we saw some beautiful plants and flowers (even the roses were blooming!).




Spanish moss was draped from the trees. Some trees are dated to over 500 years old in this park!


Cute things like this rock fish would surprise you on a turn.


Happy New Year from both hubby and I! We hope that where ever you celebrated (or are still celebrating like us) is joyous and peaceful.




My Favorite Things – Light of Day Organic Tea


We all have those things that are our favorites. I was introduced to Light of Day Organics tea about 2 years ago while on vacation. I was hooked! I have ordered it via the web ever since. I am not a coffee drinker but I do consider myself a tea snob. I love good tea and will seek it out and pay for it. This is one of my favorites.

Light of Day Organics is Michigan’s only tea farm. On our trip to Michigan in July we visited and it was everything (and more) that I hoped it would be.

As you approach you see their certifications. These are folks committed to organics and local. Thebulk of their teas are grown on their Biodynamic farm and are certified by the National Organic Program and by Demeter.


The founding director is inspiring as she founded this out of her own passionate journey in health and holistic well being for others and for herself. You can read her full story.

We had fun tasting tea, learning about the different types of tea, seeing how they are produced and then simply took in the surroundings wandering around. There are special places to seat and sip on your tea.



The gardens are beautiful and inviting.







Who wouldn’t want tea from here (or her own tea farm) after seeing this beauty?

And she has a Kubota which is my absolute favorite.


Visit them on the web and experience their beautiful teas and story. If you are in Michigan they are just west of Traverse City and so worth the trip. This is NOT a paid endorsement of any kind; I just love their stuff and wanted to share the beauty with you.


I am going to go steep a cup of tea and visualize the pretty flowers that went into it.

Happy Unleashing in your tea pot!



Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #177 & A Giveaway!


Happy Farmgirl Friday! Deb has an AWESOME giveaway of her beautiful Christmas Coop Cards! How fun is that??? The images are so inviting; they make me want to jump through the image and look at that hen house in the snow in person. Take a look and enter to win!

My excitement is endless this week! We have finished a glorious two week vacation.


We were home for a few days and my daughter and her family came for a visit with that adorable grandson of mine. We visited my parents and introduced them to their first great grandson. That was a moving moment that was priceless!


AND I MADE CHEESE! How about that? Read about my fun time with Laura here.


What’s going on in your world?  Link up and share with all of us. AND don’t forget to enter to win! It is so good to be back in the saddle and blogging and sharing. Can’t wait to see what you are doing!



Snowpeeps!Five days until Christmas; four days until company and seven days to our family vacation over New Years.  Lots of count downs, lots of lists and lots to do!  We have been traveling this week and just arrived back last night.  With all the traveling, holidays approaching and another big trip on the way, it can be a little exasperating!  BUT it is all good stuff so how can one complain?

Our trip this week was for a big party for our daughter who is pregnant. On Monday night, we had a “Gender Reveal” party (something that was not even an option when I birthed my girlies!).  We all found out together that it is a son, grandson and nephew!  Yep, it is a boy!  Such a great trip to celebrate this and also an opportunity to visit all my daughters at the save time– a feat that is rare!

Holidays right around the corner give another reason to celebrate and visit with family.  My mom and dad are coming in town something that may not be possible had we not moved closer to them.  A two hour drive is manageable for them, but an 8 + hour drive not so much anymore.  I am fortunate to have both my parents still nearby and well to celebrate with.

Our family vacation begins on 12/28.  Every year over the new year holiday we rent a condo at the beach and the girls and their boyfriends/husbands come down.  It is SUCH a blast and I look forward to it every year.  We are all spread out now and they have busy lives and jobs.  They also have partners with families that they want to spend time with at the holidays also.  So, we bring a tree and ornaments and presents and we celebrate Christmas first– we do all the family traditions- pj’s on “Christmas Eve”, stockings on “Christmas Morning”, presents later in the morning, a big breakfast and then we move into New Years Eve on the 31st.  We also have a “food throwdown” every year with secret ballot voting in the bathroom.  We have done pasta, sliders, pizza and this year’s theme for the throwdown is appetizers!

With so many last minutes preparations it is easy to get lost.  If I focus on the smiles and memories that we have shared over the years and the new ones that are about to occur, I can stay very calm and joyful! 🙂  I have so much to be thankful for and am happily finishing up things this weekend to get ready for celebrating Christmas, Jesus’ birth, family and much love.

How are enjoying your “countdown” days?  Peace to you!

Happy Unleashing!