Signs of Spring!

I love the four seasons! It is one of the reasons why I love Indiana so much. And just like I get really excited about the snowfalls and seeing white, I get equally excited about the snow melting and seeing signs of spring.

As I walk outside there is still a bit of the white stuff hanging out in shady areas.polebarn snow

I look across the little run of snow and see the bird feeders that have been active with robins, blue jays and cardinals.

feeders and snow

My mucks have mud on them instead of slush which is a great thing! Mud season is here!

muddy mucks

And things are budding and blooming. My Japanese Cherry Tree is budding.


The daylillies and tulips are popping up; I was so surprised to see these after the melt! Can you see them in there?



Walking around to the front of the house, the weather is such that we can FINALLY get our last dormer sided. We were so happy to see our “boys” (as we affectionately call them) today! I know the temps are warming up when they visit!



In the pole barn Ms. Tupelo is getting a new tire for the spring.

MsT Tire

My table has my heat mat and planting supplies ready for this afternoon!  Getting dirty in the pole barn while blasting favorite tunes is my TRUE sign of spring. This afternoon awaits…

seed supplies

My garden table is done and will be hauled outside to the lean to this afternoon! Oh my goodness!!!! It’s a beauty!



And we can’t forget our buzzing friends. Our bees in the Trudeau hive have been buzzing around. We are so excited to see them. This is a critical time for the bees as we don’t have nectar flow yet so we will be keeping close tabs on them and supplementing with sugar water and pollen patties right now.

Bees Mar2015

Bees2 Mar2015

What are the signs of spring in your area? What speaks spring to you?

Happy Unleashing Spring!


Signs of Spring

Signs of spring??? Wait a minute…

  • We got more snow yesterday and last night
  • We have ice under the snow
  • I woke up to -1 degree windchill factor

As I trudged up the snow and ice covered stairs this morning in the single digit temps it would seem that spring would be a far away reality.



But then I remembered my walk on Saturday before the snow had surprised me be revealing beautiful foliage from bulbs that were just peaking through!

bulbs1 bulbs2




Aren’t they gorgeous? Don’t they simply represent a promise of spring? I was so excited when I saw these little guys poking through!

Today as I was dragging in snow and slush into the house, taking boots on and off, wearing my heavy coat and gloves to walk up to the office, I noticed something else that began to appear….



Is that not the most beautiful blue sky blasting in the sky over the pole barn? It is another promise of sunshine, blue skies and spring.

Bulbs peaking through, robins eating at the birdfeeders, blue skies… yep spring is not only coming, it is making little appearances-even if some are hidden under the blanket of snow.

What signs are you experiencing?

Go unleash some spring!

Happy Unleashing!