Snow Fun!

IMG_20160215_093200287It snowed yesterday on Valentine’s Day which created a lovely, slow day at home. We ate good food, hung out together and just kept commenting on how pretty everything was with the snow. There is something so peaceful about watching the snow from the warmth of your home.

We were especially thankful that it did not hit hard until we returned home from church. The deck soon was covered.



Jasmine hates the rain but she loves the snow. She digs her little nose in and comes up with snow all over her snout.


Hubby needed to shovel our path to our office today. He thought about calling in and saying the commute was too tough today.



Then he thought it would be mighty fun to build a snowman.


It is about as tall as he is!

Are you frolicking in the snow or over it? I will admit I am not over it quite yet….

Happy Monday!


Birds, Bees, Gardens and the Dog

pretty treeWe (hubby, Jasmine and I) trekked out to the snow covered gardens, beehives and bird feeders today under blue skies. It is so beautiful and at the same time cold! Jasmine did not mind. Her favorite thing to do is to visit the bees and gardens. Her second favorite thing to do is to bark at all the birds on the feeders, so this was about the perfect afternoon geteaway for her! She led the way!

garden walk

to the garden

First the bees. It is waaaayyyy too cold to open the hive and check on them. But we did know that the snow had blown closed their opening. That is not good for their exiting for cleansing flights and it is not good for airflow so our first stop was there to open that up for them


Hives with Snow Blockage

Hive blocked


We got their entrance open. We also noticed dead bees in the snow. That however is not a distressing sign. I had a session leader at Bee School tell us that when he sees dead bees in the snow he rejoices because he knows there is life in the hive. A bee’s life cycle is short and seeing dead bees indicates that life is continuing on in the hive. Let’s hope so!

dead bees

Bee Hives Mar2015

Up to the gardens we went. It was so beautiful. I had to pinch myself to make sure that YES this is really where I live! Jasmine knows this route and again she was in the lead.

garden walk 2

Garden Walk

There’s one of my scarepeeps!

Ms Scarecrow

And another friend!

My Garden 2

The gardens under the snow appear peaceful and sleeping. I know there is much happening under that snow and deep in the soil however. Life continues!

Covered Over


buried garden

A view back at our lovely snow covered home.

View from Garden

Jasmine enjoying the snow and sunshine!

Tree and Jazz


We began to head back.

Garden and Dog

Next the bird feeders! Jasmine led the way.

Jazz and Birds

Feeding Birds

I love feeding the birds!

Bird Love

It was a wonderful walk and great to get outside and see how everything was faring under the blanket of white

It was time to head back in; Jasmine again led the way.

back home

Did you get to enjoy some beauty today where ever you are?


Snowed In Brunch

Nothing like a snowy day to keep you in jammies and eating brunch with your honey! Hubby baked bread last night…

whole wheat bread

and this morning we turned some of it into French Toast.


It is cold, snowy and beautiful here.


Ash Wednesday services are cancelled along with schools; temps predicted to dip to -30 below windchill later today and tonight. Some say turn lemons into lemonade. We turn bread into brunch!


What are you doing to keep warm and cozy during the Arctic blast?

Warm thoughts!


First Snow Pics

We had our first snow this week. I know some of you dread the snow and the cold but I am not one of them. I love the crispness of the snow &  the white blanket it puts down. I love feeling cozy in my warm house while gazing upon all the beauty around me. I even look forward to a those days each year when you are trapped inside because of the ice and snow.

Although this snow came earlier than normal, it was beautiful and I wanted to share some peaceful snow pics with you from the first flakes that fell to the white that covered everything. Hope you enjoy!

The snow started; Jasmine got a few flakes on her.



The next morning was gorgeous!






The bees were shielded a bit by the stacks of straw we put up over the weekend.


Had to shovel a bit to get to my office at home.


 Jasmine had to remind herself what this white stuff is.



Overall it has been a wonderful week enjoying the white stuff and the beauty that we are blessed with here.

Happy Unleashing in the cold this week!


Signs of Spring

Signs of spring??? Wait a minute…

  • We got more snow yesterday and last night
  • We have ice under the snow
  • I woke up to -1 degree windchill factor

As I trudged up the snow and ice covered stairs this morning in the single digit temps it would seem that spring would be a far away reality.



But then I remembered my walk on Saturday before the snow had surprised me be revealing beautiful foliage from bulbs that were just peaking through!

bulbs1 bulbs2




Aren’t they gorgeous? Don’t they simply represent a promise of spring? I was so excited when I saw these little guys poking through!

Today as I was dragging in snow and slush into the house, taking boots on and off, wearing my heavy coat and gloves to walk up to the office, I noticed something else that began to appear….



Is that not the most beautiful blue sky blasting in the sky over the pole barn? It is another promise of sunshine, blue skies and spring.

Bulbs peaking through, robins eating at the birdfeeders, blue skies… yep spring is not only coming, it is making little appearances-even if some are hidden under the blanket of snow.

What signs are you experiencing?

Go unleash some spring!

Happy Unleashing!


Snow is Beautiful!

DSC_0791Yep I said it.  Snow is beautiful! I love how it blankets everything in white and it is so peaceful.  I know it is cold and windy and our windchill is down to -14 degrees today, but I still love looking outside and just staring at it.  It also offers a great excuse for boots, baggy sweatshirts and lots of hot tea. So a farmgirl has got to ask “what is wrong with that?”

We took some pictures of our home with the snow that covers it right now. We have named our homestead “Big Sky Acres” since we can see sunrise and sunset from either porch; Big Sky Acres (BSA) is covered in white and well I just could not be more pleased to see this sight.

DSC_0780 DSC_0777 DSC_0755





The sunrises and sunset are so gorgeous amidst the sea of white in our view. Don’t you agree?

DSC_0796 DSC_0794 DSC_0787





Our driveway is pristine as no car can enter or exit!


Here are some outstanding snow pictures from all around BSA.

DSC_0753 DSC_0757 DSC_0769 DSC_0788 DSC_0789 DSC_0790









Jasmine loves the snow but she does contemplate the cold before venturing off the porch.


As I look at hubby’s mom’s 1960 something VW Bug, I wonder if this is the coldest it has seen; somehow I doubt that.







The shingles for the new sunroom are waiting for warmer days to get installed on the roof.  Right now they are in a deep freeze.


And Gus the Rooster is standing tall and looking regal on top of the pole barn.


Our deck is not only covered in snow but that is my commute every morning.  My office is above the garage and the entry point are these outside stairs.

DSC_0758 DSC_0759





It is windy heading up there as you can see!  It is a short commute, but I am bundled up traversing it.

DSC_0761 DSC_0763 DSC_0764





And while I am enjoying a true winter, I love all the seasons.  As I look dreamily out over the white, I fantasize about green and vegetable starts and sweaty days in the garden.

If you are in one of the 31 states that is in the deep freeze, stay warm today. I hope you have a fireplace, a furnace, a hot bubble bath and some hot tea.

Happy Unleashing (to stay warm),


Musings: Prepping for Snow

DSCN3748How is your forecast this weekend?  Ours is great or terrible, dependent upon what your vantage point is. 🙂  Our forecast is 1″ sleet, followed by snow and lots of it (up to 8″) and then freezing rain through Sunday.  Some would say YUCK, I say YES!!!!

One driving factor of moving here were the four seasons.  I so longed for fall, winter, spring and and summer to be uniquely their own; not one melding into another but having four distinct personalities.  I love them all and want to experience them each in their own special way.

As our weather forecast and warnings are hitting my phone, it makes me think about my life elsewhere.  Here are some thoughts that hit my head and heart today.

In a southern metro city, there is no need for lots of snow plows or salt trucks, so when it hits, the city is paralyzed.  It is tough to battle snow and ice without the tools. The city would simply panic and rightly so; it was not used to this white stuff!

In a northern rural city, you see the plows and trucks with brine and salt as soon as the forecast is announced.  They are working, ready, checking into nearby hotels and actually pretty pumped up about the impending snow! This is routine for them and they are very psyched up about battling the snow!

In a southern metropolis, the stores were FLOODED with people getting milk, bread and all other items that folks found their security in.  There is a bit of panic knowing stuff is headed your way that will debilitate you. You go and get what you feel you need to keep you safe, sound and stable.

This morning at church our pastor mentioned that we were preparing for the snow and ice storm.  He described that as getting our shovels, coats and ice scrapers out.  We hopped into a grocery afterwards and there were no empty shelves or long lines.  This is an area of the country that is accustom to this; no panic here! We grab shovels, ice scrapers and salt.  The fact is we know that snow is coming; we may not know when, but we know it is coming so we just keep moving on.  It does not feel debilitating.

In my preparation, I wandered out back today in my Mucks and gloves among the cold rain/sleet mix in my coat and picked spinach, kale, collards, corn salad and arugula.  I picked and picked and picked.  I felt so awesome about walking to my fields and getting what I needed for my time in my home this weekend.  SO EXCITING!  Is this not gorgeous stuff?








I cannot wait to see 3 a.m. and the snow.  Well maybe I won’t be awake and I will see it in the morning, but none the less I am excited.  I am seeing the seasons full blown in their magnificence.  I am grateful for my experiment of four season gardening (thank you Eliot Coleman).  I have not gotten through four seasons yet, but I have experienced many days now of fresh food and nurturing myself and my hubby with the stuff we are growing.  I have loved spring and summer here.  I have loved the fall and the beauty that went along with it.  And I am so ready for the cold crispness of winter. I am thankful to be somewhere that this is just part of the cycle; it is not unusual, scary, something to throw me off.  It is just another day, another season, another experience in my journey.

What is happening in your world?  Ready for snow or panicking that it may come? I am so inspired by many of you that write and that I read that are truly in wintery conditions and are prepping your animals and land. I learn from you every day and take little pieces into my life. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Happy Unleashing in your season, whatever it entails!