My Green Babies Are Growing

Green Babies GrowingJust like a proud mama, I am so excited about watching my little seedlings grow from seed and prepare themselves for their life in my garden soon. This weekend was time for all the tomatoes to move into bigger pots.

After a semester of school and working full time, you cannot imagine (or maybe you can) how excited I was to have 70 degrees, sunny and time on Saturday to play in the soil!!!!

The “before” shots show they are ready to move out!


Green Babies Growing

If you recall it wasn’t long ago that they looked like this:


I think one of  the best things about being outside with the green babies is getting a farmgirl manicure!

Farmgirl mani

Transplanting began and it went so smoothly.  They all popped right into their new “digs” (like the play on words?), I added a bit of started mix and before I knew it I had 60 tomato plants in new pots.

Transplanting begun

New digs

They got a drink of water, had a little sunshine left and got tucked in for the night.  Of course, I had to go check on them before I tucked in last night!

Today was another beautiful day, so we moved them outside this afternoon for some sunshine.  I cannot imagine how they must have felt with real sunshine rather than the lights they have been sitting under!

Photosynthesis here we go!!



This is my first time starting tomatoes from seed.  Next stop is the garden which should be in about 10 days.  Peppers get transplanted next, they are ready, but I ran out of pots yesterday.


I have not started my own peppers from seed before either.  It is another venture and experiment that seems to be working out well.

What is your favorite thing to start inside from seed?  Doesn’t it make you feel like you are helping spring along a little having a bit of green going while the earth is thawing out?

Hope you are unleashing in the soil today!