Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #189

apronHowdy and welcome to Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop #189!

OK, I will say it— I LOVE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! Yep I do. I know some folks don’t like it for all kinds of reasons, but I love having light longer in the evenings (it energizes me) and I love that it signifies spring and summer are on their way and soon I will be in my garden at 8:00 pm loving life! So yes I will lose an hour of sleep, but I lose an hour here and there anyhow on a regular basis. I am just looking forward to Sunday evening and having the daylight a little longer, especially since my plans include starting some seedlings this Sunday. 🙂

Deb and I are so excited about the latest edition of MaryJanesFarm Magazine. Mine has not come yet… maybe today??? The Girl Genius featured in Deb’s article is Sarah Hudock. Most of you are familiar with her artwork and love it like I do. I can’t wait to read the article.

Stop by Deb’s today, say “hi” and get the details on some fun articles awaiting us!

Let’s get hopping. What have you been up to? Were you snowed in again? Maybe that left some time for crafting or baking.

Enjoy your extra daylight in the evenings and I hope you are thawing out, but slow enough to not cause an issue!

Happy Friday! See you on the hop!